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What happened in vampire Diaries season 5 episode 6?

What happened in vampire Diaries season 5 episode 6?

Silas (Paul Wesley) is a mortal witch again and now he cannot wait to die so he can be with his one true love again. In order to do that, he has to first destroy the Other Side that Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar) created to trap deceased supernatural beings.

Did Stefan sleep with Tessa?

Elena, who had been left behind by Silas, Damon, and Jeremy, tried to call Stefan, but Qetsiyah answered his phone instead and taunted her by implying that she and Stefan slept together.

What did Katherine put in Elena’s body?

However, she cited that “Katherine Pierce wasn’t about to go gentle,” and revealed to Bonnie that she had decided to give Elena one last parting gift by injecting her body with Dr. Maxfield’s Ripper compound, which had also been laced with werewolf venom taken from Nadia’s blood.

What happens in season 5 episode 5 of vampire Diaries?

Damon needs Katherine’s blood to cure Silas, making him a witch again so he can send Bonnie back to the world again. Damon bites Katherine and pushes her into Silas’ arms, feeding her to him, and killing her. Silas returns, cured, as Katherine drops lifelessly to the floor.

Who is Elena jealous of?

10 Elena Did To Stefan: She Was Jealous Of Him So she first threatened Caroline’s mom Liz, and then fought Caroline in the woods and would have killed her if Damon and Stefan hadn’t stopped her.

How did the Petrova line continue?

Elena’s death and transition into a vampire ended the Petrova doppelgänger bloodline, as she has no descendants because she is unable to reproduce and have children. In I’d Leave My Happy Home For You she takes the 1994 version of the cure and is back to being a human and now she can reproduce and continue the line.

How is Katherine alive in Season 5?

Just as she was about to rip her descendant’s heart out of her chest, Elena forced the cure down Katherine’s throat, which resulted in Katherine returning to a human/Traveler for the first time in over 500 years.

Is Qetsiyah stronger than Bonnie?

no honestly, qetsiyah is so much more powerful than bonnie. she is selfish because of what silas did to hurt her, she is so much more powerful and great. That’s why i love her. and you cannot deny that yes, qetisyah is really powerful and that actress who acts like her, is really good.

Who was the first immortal in TVD?

Silas became one of the world’s first immortal beings along with his true love and soulmate, Amara, the oldest known ancestor of the Petrova family.

How old is Elena Lincoln?

According to Ana, she appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s.