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What is the Drayton advice centre?

What is the Drayton advice centre?

Welcome to the Drayton Advice Centre. Here you will find guidance on how to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient using heating controls. Around 70% of UK homes do not have the minimum level of controls meaning that thousands of people are missing out on the cost savings they can bring.

Why choose Drayton heating?

Here you can find useful information, training modules and wiring diagrams to help with your day-to-day job. Drayton is one of the UK’s leading heating control brands and part of Schneider Electric, a global technology group focussed on helping customers make the most of their energy.

Is the Drayton trv4 a TRV for life?

The iconic Drayton TRV4 was first manufactured in 1992 and the TRV4 is still widely recognised as a ‘TRV for life’ with over 16 million sold to… DRAYTON LAUNCHES NEW ONLINE TRAINING ACADEMY. Drayton has launched a new online training academy as part of its installer loyalty scheme, the 9° Network.

What is the range of the digistat+1rf wired room thermostat?

Our stylish Digistat+1RF wired room thermostat features large buttons and an easy to read digital display to show that the temperature has been set accurately. 30m typically. The range may be affected by the composition / density and number of wall between the thermostat and receiver

How to enter learn mode on RF1?

If it helps it was working all OK till about 1 week and the boiler is new fitted about 1 year ago i think – My new RF1 only has one battery draw as well. to enter learn mode push the button marked 1 followed by 2 and hold both depressed together.The red led should flash for 2 seconds then go out signifying the scr is in learn mode.

How do I replace the battery in my digistat RF?

RELEASE BOTH BUTTONS. The red and green leds should both now be on. Take the digistat rf and hold it in sight of the scr no closer than a meter. slide down right battery draw (are you sure you only have 1) remove the plastic strip and slide back into place.Repeat the same procedure with the left.