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What kind of bike is a Trek 7300?

What kind of bike is a Trek 7300?

Trek’s 7300 is a super-plush ride no matter where you roam thanks to an easy-pedaling aluminum frame and a suspension fork to smooth any road or path. Sublime comfort comes in the form of a relaxed upright riding position and adjustable stem. And, the 24 gears mean easy climbing, too.

How much does a Trek 7000 weigh?

Weight: Frame, 3.88 lbs.; Fork, 1.90 lbs.; Bike, 25.16 lbs.

How many speeds does a Trek 7300 have?

24 gears
Sublime comfort comes in the form of a relaxed upright riding position and adjustable stem. And, the 24 gears allow for easy climbing, too. Plus, you’ll love the cushy Bontrager seat and suspension seatpost that take the sting out of rough roads and trails.

How many speeds is the Trek 7300?

24 speeds
24 speeds. A wide gear range is perfect for the widest variety of terrain.

What size is a Trek 7300?


Product Category
Brand Trek
Model 7300
Size 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25″
Color Satin Steel Blue/Silver Charcoal Metallic/Mocha

What does a Trek 7200 weight?

about 30 pounds
The Trek 7200 hybrid weighs about 30 pounds. It is similar to Trek 7100.

How much does a Trek 7000 weight?

How big is a trek 7000 mountain bike?

The bike size is 20 inch. ADDED MIRROR TODAY. MAY 13. No shipping for this bike. This is local pickup only. Up for auction is a Trek 7000 mountain bike. The frame is made from Easton E9 Aluminum. This is a unique design as each joint on the bike is CNC aluminum that is bonded with the tubing so there are no weld and the bike has a smooth finish.

What makes the trek 7000 Alpha silver aluminum frame so special?

The Trek 7000 Alpha Silver Aluminum frame and High-tensile steel fork absorb shock exceptionally well. This shock absorption helps make your ride smooth wherever you ride. The lightweight aluminum frame also makes it easier to ride this bike.

Does the trek 7000 have a suspension seatpost?

The Trek 7000 has a suspension seatpost, which dulls the bumps on the road. The saddle is uncomfortable. You can sort this problem by getting a better seat.

Can you ride a purple and green bike around the lake?

This great green fading to purple aluminum mountain bike is great for any ride around the lake. Or out in the woods. With 21 speeds, and front suspension, there’s no limit to where you can ride. This bicycle is looking for a new home, and it could be yours. BIKE CONDITION: This bicycle is in good condition for its age.