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How much does a radiographer make NHS?

How much does a radiographer make NHS?

An early career Radiographer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of £29,479 based on 112 salaries. A mid-career Radiographer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of £33,500 based on 80 salaries.

How much do band 5 radiographers earn?

Radiographers working in permanent positions in the NHS often start as band 5 workers. This means that you will earn £24,907 according to the current NHS pay scales. This equates to £12.77 per hour. This rate has the potential to increase quickly as you gain more experience and work in your position for longer.

What pay band is a radiographer?

The majority of Radiographers work within the NHS, and this amount roughly reflects someone earning a Band 6 salary. It’s a mid-range salary, applicable to someone with several years of experience.

How much do Consultant Radiographers earn UK?

Find out what the average Consultant Radiologist salary is The average consultant radiologist salary in the United Kingdom is £93,764 per year or £48.08 per hour. Entry level positions start at £90,126 per year while most experienced workers make up to £99,281 per year.

Does radiography pay well UK?

As a newly qualified radiographer your starting salary is likely to be £24,907 (Band 5), rising up the pay scale to £30,615. As an experienced radiographer you can earn between £31,365 and £37,890 (Band 6). Typical salaries for advanced practice and management roles are between £38,890 and £51,668 (Bands 7 to 8a).

What is the highest paying radiographer?

7 highest-paying radiology jobs

  • MRI technologist. National average salary: $61,370 per year.
  • Radiologic technologist. National average salary: $65,144 per year.
  • Cardiovascular technologist. National average salary: $77,740 per year.
  • Sonographer.
  • Radiation therapist.
  • Nuclear medicine technologist.
  • Ultrasonographer.

What is a band 5 radiographer?

JOB PURPOSE Justify and perform Radiographic examinations, providing direct care and a high quality diagnostic imaging service in order to assist in the management of patients referred from clinicians, in a safe and efficient environment.

Is radiography a stressful job?

Radiographers work around the clock, working out of hours in evenings, nights and weekends, in addition to the normal days’ work. You could be on your feet for long periods, working in often stressful situations such as busy A&E departments, or dealing with challenging or stressful situations.

What is a Band 7 radiographer?

Band 7 Sonographer Registration as a radiographer with the Health Professions Council and evidence of CPD. Taking responsibility for the welfare and comfort of the patient whilst under the care of the radiology…

Is radiographer a good career?

It’s a top-20 healthcare job according to the U.S. News annual rankings. This high ranking is because imaging is rapidly replacing exploratory surgeries and other invasive procedures.

Is a radiographer a stressful job?