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Is the topiary an EC?

Is the topiary an EC?

The Topiary Resale EC The Topiary is a leasehold executive condominium development that is located at Fernvale Lane in District 28. This Condominium/Apartment is accessible through the nearest LRT stations such as Fernvale (SW5), Layar (SW6), and Thanggam (SW4).

Is it worth to buy resale executive condo?

If you’re an HDB upgrader who wants to own a non-landed private property at a good price, buying an EC is the best option after it has become fully privatised. This is when prices have more or less stabilised.

Which EC is the best?

Best performing EC in Singapore

Executive Condo Ave Launch price (psf)
1 Eastvale 406
2 Westmere 401
3 Chestervale 455
4 Simei Green Condo Pinevale 402

Are EC worth it?

EC will generally get a higher capital appreciation in future because they are sold like private properties although they are bought as subsidized units with grants. And a larger pool of potential buyers to tap on after the privatization of the EC. Executive Condo also can be rented out like any other private condo.

Is Topiary an executive condo?

The Topiary is a leasehold executive condominium development that is located at Fernvale Lane in District 28. It is a condominium project that was recently completed.

Does EC have swimming pool?

Structurally and facility-wise, an EC and private condo are basically the same, as they both offer similar facilities such as round-the-clock security, swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaped areas, gyms, clubhouse and others.

Is EC price negotiable?

Buying Resale EC Executive Condo, you can move into the unit within weeks. There’s more room for negotiation the Resale EC Price compared to the New Launch EC Executive Condo. There’s more room for negotiation the Resale EC Price compared to the Private Condo.

Should I sell my EC after 5 years?

Hi, You can sell off your EC after 5 years. But after selling, it does not make sense for you to buy a private condo and a HDB resale flat. If you buy a private condo and then a HDB resale flat, you are required to sell off this condo within 6 months after the completion of your HDB resale flat.

Can I sell my EC after 5 years?

ECs can only be sold to foreigners after 10 years, when the property is considered fully privatized.

What is top date?

In the real estate scene in Singapore, TOP is commonly used to refer to the date that you can move into a newly-completed development. More specifically, a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) is a permit that allows homeowners to occupy the building while the key requirements are being met.

Why is EC so expensive?

The EC market is currently driven by an appetite for cheaper, bigger homes by millennials and first-time buyers. REAL estate markets have been booming globally amid the macroeconomic headwinds and market uncertainties.

Can you make money from EC?

In summary, the table tells us this: based on the past data of these 12 ECs, ECs continue to be profitable even 15 years past its TOP date, provided you buy an early sales unit. Moreover, the average psf of ECs seem to peak around 10 years after its TOP date.

Is EC cheaper than condo?

Private Condominiums A private condominium at a similar location typically costs 10-20% more than an executive condominium. For example, a 915-square-foot EC in Tampines was sold for $1,083,000 in May 2021.

Can you own HDB and EC?

You can purchase either and still keep your HDB. However if you choose to purchase a BRAND NEW EC, then NO, you will have to sell your HDB within 6 months of collection of your keys to your BRAND NEW EC.

Can I buy another property if I own a EC?

Hi, Yes you can buy another resale EC once your current EC MOP of 5 years is met, it will be treated as 2nd private property. No need to sell current EC. However, you need to dispose your current EC after purchasing of resale HDB.

Can I move in after top?

Since TOP projects have met BCA safety requirements, you can move in with an assurance that your home is safe to live in. Unless you prefer to move into your condo when all amenities are ready, there’s no need to wait for a CSC condo to be completed.

Can you move in before top?

When you buy a new property that’s still under construction or yet to be developed, you won’t be able to move in until the developer receives the Temporary Occupation Permit, more commonly known as TOP, or Certificate of Statutory Completion, otherwise known as CSC.

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