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What happened in chapter 19 of the Maze Runner?

What happened in chapter 19 of the Maze Runner?

The Griever comes to the spot on the wall right beneath Thomas and then stops moving. Thomas hopes that it has stopped for good, but then it comes back to life and starts climbing the wall. The beetle blade’s omen comes true. But, unlike Minho, Thomas won’t give up hope at the first sign of trouble.

What does Minho do at the end of Chapter 17?

Summary: Chapter 17 Minho says they should split up and keep running, and he sprints off into the Maze, leaving Alby and Thomas alone.

What happens in chapter 18 of the Maze Runner?

After much strenuous effort, Thomas is able to climb up the wall and lift Alby thirty feet into the air with vines attached to each of his limbs. Thomas’ actions recall the story of the boy who climbed down the Box. After the boy died, the Gladers lost any hope that climbing down would work.

What happens in chapter 21 of the Maze Runner?

A little way down the corridor Thomas is startled when Minho pops out of nowhere and grabs him. They run off together, and Minho says that he digs the dodge move Thomas did, and now he’s got a plan. Minho leads them to the Cliff—an abrupt ending to the Maze where it falls off the edge of the earth into oblivion.

Are the Grievers animal or machine?

The Grievers are half animal, half machine and are highly effective killers armed with spikes and many sharp weapons. Grievers mostly come out after dark, and are sealed off from the Glade by the enormous perimeter walls at night. A sting from a Griever can result in a Glader going through the Changing.

What happens in Chapter 20 in Maze Runner?

Thomas accidently swings into a wall and loses his grip. As he tumbles down the wall, he manages to catch a vine halfway before hitting the floor. Thomas pushes off the wall and swings backwards, hitting the Griever’s slimy body. As he swings off, he feels the creature’s claw make a gash in his back.

What happens in chapter 17 of the Maze Runner?

Inside the Maze, everything is dark and Thomas feels terrified, but he manages to find his way to Minho and Alby. Minho tells Thomas that he was stupid, not brave, to enter the Maze because now they’re all going to die.

What happens in chapter 22 of maze runner?

Summary: Chapter 22 Minho and Thomas walk back to the West Gate, where they’re met by Newt and a group of Gladers who are amazed to see that they’re still alive. Alby is taken down from the wall and given Grief Serum, an antidote sent weekly by the Creators. The Gladers hope he will live through the Changing.

What happens in chapter 24 of the Maze Runner?

By James Dashner The meeting has been assembled to discuss Thomas’s fate because he broke the Number One Rule when he went out into the Maze at night. However, he then successfully saved Alby and Minho, so the boys are torn about whether to reprimand or reward him.

What happens in chapter 22 of the Maze Runner?

What happens in chapter 23 of the Maze Runner?

Hearing the sounds of Alby’s screams, Thomas is no longer able to sleep. To find some quiet, he goes to the graveyard and feels the crippling reality that he is surrounded by a Maze that contains real-life monsters. Thomas feels an intense desire to get revenge on the Creators and the people who put him in the Glade.

What happens in chapter 26 of the Maze Runner?

Newt proposes that they throw Thomas in the Slammer for one day and then let him start training for being a Keeper. If he proves himself, they’ll make him the Keeper of the Runners in a month. The Keepers vote and Newt’s proposal passes.

What happens in chapter 31 of the Maze Runner?

After dinner, Thomas gets into his sleeping bag and wonders what the Runners have been missing. Unlike the woman in the fable, the Gladers’ use of logic and reason to solve the Maze has been a total failure. These failures have led them to see the Maze as a symbol of chaos.

What do the Grievers inject?

The Grief Serum is the antidote that the Gladers give to someone who is stung by a Griever. It arrives in a syringe with their weekly supplies.