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What is minipage in latex?

What is minipage in latex?

What is the minipage environment? The short answer is that minipage is an environment to produce parboxes in LaTeX. Probably this doesn’t tell anything to you, so we are going to break it down and see what it means. To do so, however, we will have to dive into the basics of LaTeX and its underlying system TeX.

Where do you put footnotes in latex minipage?

Footnotes in LaTeX minipage As a final note, it is interesting to note that, when used inside a minipage environment, the footnote command puts a footnote at the bottom of the parbox produced by the environment. Here is an illustrative example:

Can the minipage be wider than the column?

You minipage must not be wider than the column, otherwise a line break will be inserted before that. In your code the minipage is the width of the whole text plus 1cm, but your column is only 1 cm. use \\linewidth for the minipage, because in contrast to textwidth, this will adapt to the space available in the column.

Can a tableenvironment be part of a minipage?

5 A tableenvironment cannot be part of a minipage. Use only oneenvironment tableand nominipage! Such an environment can have more than one caption:

What is the width of the lines in latex?

However, we specify the width of the lines to be 3cm. Once LaTeX has split the words into lines to produce a paragraph, this paragraph becomes a single box. This means that it becomes an indivisible unit; you can think of it as if it were just a big letter, it’s behaviour will be the same.

How to wrap text around a cell in a table?

If you want to wrap your text but maintain alignment then you can wrap that cell in a minipage or varwidth environment (varwidth comes from the varwidth package). Varwidth will be “as wide as it’s contents but no wider than X”. You can create a custom column type which acts like “p {xx}” but shrinks to fit by using