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Do I have to select a seat on KLM?

Do I have to select a seat on KLM?

You can choose a standard seat during check-in, at no additional cost. If you’d like to ensure that your preferred seat is yours, or if you want a more comfortable seat, you can reserve a seat via My Trip.

What type of planes do KLM use?

Dutch flag-carrier airline KLM operates a fleet of 110 aircraft. The narrow-body fleet is composed of Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft which will be replaced by the Airbus A320neo family aircraft in the mid 2023.

How wide are KLM seats?

KLM has two economy options, namely Economy and Economy Comfort, both of which have their own special features, such as: Economy class on European flights – The seats are ergonomically designed and have standard recline and legroom of 30 inches/70 cm.

What is premium economy on KLM?

The Premium Comfort seat offers more legroom than a standard economy seat, as well as a larger entertainment screen and a footrest. They can also recline further than economy seats. KLM said the seats were designed in collaboration with Collins Aerospace to be lighter than previous designs.

Is KLM a good airline for international flights?

In 2019, KLM was recognised as the world’s 18th best airline for the Skytrax World Airline Awards. It also ranked as the fourth best airline in Europe and placed sixth for best airline staff in Europe. KLM is recognised with a seven-out-of-seven safety rating by AirlineRatings.

Does KLM have premium economy seats?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has unveiled a new cabin class offering called Premium Comfort, bringing the carrier in line with others who have been offering premium economy seats for years.

What is the difference between economy and economy comfort?

Both of the seats have identical padded headrests and adjustable lumbar cushions. However, the difference between the seats is in how far they recline. An Economy Comfort seat tilts backwards slightly more than the Economy seat by approximately 7.5 centimetres or 3 inches.

Is KLM a 5 star airline?

APEX recently announced its classification for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, confirming that we will retain our five-star status this year, based on customer ratings gathered by APEX. Our partner Delta Air Lines has also retained its five-star APEX status.

What is a preferred seat on KLM?

Preferred seats are the seats in the first rows behind Economy Comfort. Apart from their location close to the exit these seats do not offer extra legroom, service or comfort. The selling point is that preferred seats offer a quicker exit on arrival.