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What does APCD mean?

What does APCD mean?

All-payer claims databases (APCDs) are large State databases that include medical claims, pharmacy claims, dental claims, and eligibility and provider files collected from private and public payers. i. APCD data are reported directly by insurers to States, usually as part of a State mandate.

What air district is Stockton?

Valley Air District
Stockton | Valley Air District.

How many states have an APCD?

Today, 30 states have mandatory or voluntary APCDs in existence or development (APCD Council).

What is optum database?

The Optum® ClinformaticsTM Data Mart is an administrative health claims database from a large national insurer made available by The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy.

Where is clean air in California?

In 2019, California’s 5 cleanest cities for PM2. 5 pollution were, Yucca Valley (3.4 μg/m3), Lee Vining (3.6 μg/m3), Twentynine Palms (3.9 μg/m3), Los Gatos (3.9 μg/m3), and Blythe (3.9 μg/m3) respectively.

What are air pollution control methods?

Gaseous criteria pollutants, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous air toxics, are controlled by means of three basic techniques: absorption, adsorption, and incineration (or combustion). These techniques can be employed singly or in combination.

What are the methods of air pollution control?

Some of the effective methods to Control Air Pollution are as follows: (a) Source Correction Methods (b) Pollution Control equipment (c) Diffusion of pollutant in air (d) Vegetation (e) Zoning.

Why is the San Joaquin Valley sinking?

The floor of California’s arid Central Valley is sinking as groundwater pumping for agriculture and drinking water depletes aquifers. A new remote sensing study from Stanford University shows land sinking – or subsidence – will likely continue for decades to centuries if underground water levels merely stop declining.

What is Stockton air quality?

Today’s Air Quality-Stockton, CA 20. Good.

How do I submit a claim to optum?

Sign In With Your One Healthcare ID OptumHealth accepts claims electronically through OptumInsight/ENS ( Please use payer ID # 41194 when submitting claims electronically. For any questions regarding EDI submission, please call our toll-free number: (877) 801-3507, option 3 (Health Care Provider).

Where does optum data come from?

Our claims data is more than just administrative in nature. Our data warehouse leverages anonymized patient data from six sources. These assets include member data, medical claims data, pharmacy claims data, lab test results data, inpatient confinement data and provider data.

Who qualifies for a Medi-Cal waiver?

​​​​​​To Access Medi-Cal Waiver Services For disabled individuals requiring Home and Community-Based Services, there may be services available for such target populations as the elderly, developmentally disabled, or Medi-Cal beneficiaries with mid- to late- stage AIDS, or who require assisted living.

Does my car qualify for California emissions?

California considers any vehicle with less than 7,500 miles on the odometer at the time of purchase or trade by a California resident or business, to be a new vehicle. This is true whether or not the vehicle has been registered in another state.

What city in California has the worst air pollution?

Worst air by ozone: Bakersfield, California. Visalia, California. Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California.

How do I pay my air pollution control district (APD) fees?

Some forms indicate a fee is to be submitted for processing. In those cases, mail the completed form, along with a check or money order, to the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District, 3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. You may also call us at 805-781-5912 to pay your filing fees over the phone with a credit card.

What is APCD data?

APCD data are reported directly by insurers to States, usually as part of a State mandate. In terms of their capacity to produce price, resource use, and quality information for consumers, APCD data have three potential advantages over other datasets:

How do I submit completed and signed permit application forms?

Completed and signed permit application forms can be scanned and e-mailed to [email protected]. If files are too large to submit via email, please contact us and District staff will arrange for an alternative solution.

Which states are using APCD data?

These efforts vary, with a handful of States, such as New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, using APCD data to launch public Web sites with price and cost information for consumers while other States are not as far along in the process. ii