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What is CtF DEF CON?

What is CtF DEF CON?

Abstract: Defcon’s Capture the Flag (CtF) game is the largest open computer security hacking game. This year’s CtF had rules that made it particularly difficult to be a successful defender.

Who won DEF CON CtF 2020?


Place Team CTF points
1 A*0*E 5020.000
2 Samurai 3911.000
3 Shellphish 3651.000
4 /bin/tw 3424.000

How much is Defcon 2020?

The price for DEF CON 30 is $360, with a processing fee of $9.66 added to online orders.

How does DEFCON CTF work?

The goal is simple: solve as many challenges as possible in the given time. The number of points awarded for one flag is typically adjusted as more and more teams solve a given problem. This means that solving a difficult task can boost your team’s score quite considerably.

Who won Defcon CTF 2019?

The Plaid Parliament of Pwning
DEF CON CTF 2019 was held Friday, August 9th through Sunday 11th in Planet Hollywood. Based on an excellent qualification round, 16 teams accepted our invitation to compete for the glory of winning the official DEF CON CTF. The Plaid Parliament of Pwning (PPP) emerged victorious once again.

Is DEFCON free?

The price to attend DEF CON in-person will be $300 USD. You may not attend in-person without purchasing a badge. Attending virtual on our Discord will be free, and those with Human+ will have more permissions and access.

Where is DEFCON 2022 located?


What is a black badge at Defcon?

The DEF CON Black Badge is a powerful talisman, awarded only to those who have emerged unbeaten from the crucible of elite DEF CON competition.

What is our current DEFCON?

DEFCON is a U.S. military term that stands for Defense Readiness Condition. This is part of a system that indicates the level of threat the U.S. faces, or may face, from other countries and the readiness of a potential military response to such threat.

What DEFCON are we at now 2022?

DEFCON 5 is the lowest state of readiness indicating minimal threat, whereas DEFCON 1 indicates maximum threat and readiness. As of June 2022, the current DEFCON level is 3.

What DEFCON is the US in 2022?

Due to the uncertainty at the Ukraine border and the tensions between Russia and NATO, the DEFCON in the United States is at DEFCON 3 as of March 1, 2022.