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What is my Ahjussi about?

What is my Ahjussi about?

My Ahjussi (My Mister) is a tvN drama from 2018 starring Lee Sunkyun and IU that received both critical acclaim and commercial success during its run last year. The drama is a heartwarming story about a young woman and three middle-aged brothers struggling with life’s typical hardships.

Will there be Season 2 of My Mister?

‘My Mister’ is not renewed for season 2 yet. While we are already used to the fact that most Kdrama series don’t get follow-up seasons, ‘My Mister’ seems to be a different case. ‘My Mister’ season 1 had an open ending, unlike most K-drama shows that usually wrap the story tightly by the end of the first season.

Who is the boy in My Mister?

Dong-Hun (Lee Sun-Kyun) is married to Yoon-Hee (Lee Ji-Ah). His wife is secretly having an affair with a senior executive at the construction company where he works. Yoon-Hee wants to divorce Dong-Hun and marry the executive, Joon-Young (Kim Young-Min).

Does My Mister have a sad ending?

The story is plain sad but it has a flip side that heals. Ji-an shared the best moment of her young life with a group of ajusshis when her grandmother passed away.

Do they fall in love in My Mister?

There will never be a romantic relationship between the two, because it’s really not realistic considering the fact that Dong Hoon is a righteous man and he really holds on to his values. But there’s no denying the unspoken things between them (especially on Dong Hoon’s part).

How old is Park Dong Hoon in My Mister?

Dong-Hoon sheds tears, and his heart becomes peaceful. At age 45, he feels like a flower discovered in the street for the first time… “She is a dangerous child. Be careful, then be even more careful.”

Does Park Dong Hoon get fired in My Mister?

The next part is getting Dong Hoon fired, but while Ji An tries several things including seducing him, as she listens to his recordings and as he does more nice things for her and her grandma, she starts sympathizing with him.

Do they fall in love in my mister?

Why did Dong Hoon cry in the last episode of my mister?

In that scene, where Dong Hoon starts crying in his living room, after Yoon Hee’s left to go to the US, I’d wondered for a bit, why he was crying. And I came to the conclusion, that he’s crying for himself.

Why did Dong Hoon cry in the last episode of My Mister?

Is My Mister based on IU?

One of the reasons why My Mister is left as a work of the lifetime is IU’s presence. IU played the role of Lee Ji Ahn, who endured the cold reality by herself. At first, she even considered declining the offer as she was worried that the controversy over her music might cause a burden on the work.

How does My Ahjussi end?

I was on the verge of dying, but you were the one who saved me.” Ji-an looks at him tenderly and tells him, “I truly lived for the first time because of you, Ajusshi.” Dong-hoon holds out his glass and proposes that they be truly happy now, and they toast.

Who is BTS crush in BlackPink?

So it did come up as a surprise when K-pop group BTS’ Jungkook and BlackPink’s Lisa were rumoured to be dating. Fans who adored the rumoured couple even came up with a portmanteau word – LizKook. Fans often analysed the body language between the two stars whenever they were spotted together at award shows.