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What is 130gsm paper?

What is 130gsm paper?

Papers weighing either 130gsm or 150gsm are generally used for leaflets or flyers. Anything weighing more than 170gsm is generally classified as board. At this weight a second measure can be used that indicates the thickness of the sheet. This measurement is given in microns where 1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimetre.

What is 170gsm paper?

170 gsm silk paper is used for our large format posters (A0 to A3 size). 170gsm gloss is a popular choice for leaflets, calendars, placemats and more. 200 gsm. Thin card, ideal for document covers. 200 gsm paper is heavier stock, making it ideal for document covers or thick sheets.

What is 300gsm uncoated?

300gsm is the equivalent of a greeting card, or 300gsm and above is your average thickness for a business card.

How thick is 130gsm paper?

Uncoated Paper (also referred to as Bond, Offset or Laser)
Weight Thickness
170gsm 212mic
180gsm 215mic
210gsm 250mic

What is the difference between coated and uncoated paper?

Finally, coated paper is more resistant to dirt, moisture, and wear, which will help it to last longer. Uncoated paper does not have a coating to fill in between the fibers. It is generally rougher than coated paper and tends to be more porous, which makes it very absorbent.

How thick is uncoated paper?

What is the difference between 100 lb Text and 100 lb Cover?

Paper Thickness
Paper Type Approx. Caliper (Thickness)
20lb / 50lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .0035″
24lb / 60lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .004″
28lb / 70lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .005″

Is 75 GSM good?

The great thing about good-quality 70 or 75gsm paper is that it has been made with superior wood fibre. It ends up as thick or even thicker than standard 80gsm paper, so it runs perfectly! Lighter weight, good quality papers are better for the environment.

Why is uncoated paper more expensive?

A key reason is that wood fiber is one of the most expensive components of paper, and uncoated papers require a higher ratio of fiber per pound than coated sheets. Specialty uncoated paper machines must also run slower and produce smaller quantities to accommodate frequent color and finish changes on the equipment.

What does uncoated mean?

Definition of uncoated : not covered with a coating : not coated uncoated cast-iron pans uncoated paper.

What GSM is cardboard?

The higher number of GSM means heavier cardboard material. Although you will find packaging cardboard starting from 200GSM but My Box Printing offers cardboard boxes ranging from 250GSM to 1000GSM to ensure the higher quality packaging boxes to fulfil all of your packaging needs.

How do you know if paper is uncoated?

Uncoated paper does not have a coating to fill in between the fibers. It is generally rougher than coated paper and tends to be more porous, which makes it very absorbent. Images printed on uncoated paper will be softer and less crisp.

How do I know if my paper is coated or uncoated?

Coated papers have a coating on them (typically clay), so they’re “sealed.” This restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed into the paper, allowing the ink to sit on top of the paper, in a crisp defined dot. Uncoated papers do not have this coating and thus are more porous.

What grade of paperboard is used for Setup boxes?

Manufactured from recycled newsprint and old corrugated, this thick paperboard grade is often used as the “body stock” for rigid or setup boxes. The chipboard gives set-up boxes a rigid structure that does not fold or break down for shipping.

Why choose Sonoco for your uncoated recycled paperboard?

Our infrastructure and capacity allow us to act swiftly across the world to meet demand for uncoated recycled paperboard (URB). In the U.S. and Canada, Sonoco has 11 mills that offer a wide range of URB products, including edge protection, tube and core, tissue towel corestock, EcoTect® and FlatStack®.

What is the GSM weight of paper?

For example, a typical office paper, used in a copier or printer, would be around 90gsm. Common GSM paper weights are: Any paper weight of 170gsm and over is known as board. A second measure is used to indicate the thickness of the sheet.

What type of paper is used for letterheads and compliment slips?

While stationery such as letterheads and compliment slips are usually printed on 100-120gsm paper. This commonly used paper, known as offset paper, takes colour well due to its high brightness and uncoated rough surface and can be printed and written on over and over again.