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What is Whitianga known for?

What is Whitianga known for?

Whitianga and Mercury Bay Located on the East Coast of The Coromandel, Mercury Bay’s main town of Whitianga has attracted visitors for more than a thousand years. Home of the world renowned Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach, Mercury Bay is known for its variety of marine experiences both on and under the water.

Is Whitianga a good place to live?

Whitianga is ranked number one in quality of life. A whole lot of sun and a place by the beach are the key ingredients for a better life.

Is Whitianga a town?

If you’re exploring The Coromandel, you’ll soon come to Whitianga – the main town on Mercury Bay.

Is Whitianga worth visiting?

Whitianga topped all other New Zealand holiday spots which is a seriously impressive feat, as there are so many epic spots in The Coromandel let alone NZ! There are 3 must do attractions on Whitianga’s doorstep, Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach and New Chum Beach.

What to do in Whitianga when it’s raining?

What to do in Whitianga when it rains!

  • Have a blast at the Fun Zone.
  • Hit the Whitianga shops.
  • Get warm at the Lost Springs Thermal Pools.
  • Be entertained at the Whitianga cinema.
  • Warm up at a coffee shop.

What’s it like living in Whitianga?

An attractive township with a deep-water harbour, Whitianga is a place where you can do a little or a lot – the pace of life can be as busy or as calm as you choose. The Mercury Bay is an area of water on the eastern Coromandel Peninsula that encompasses a spectacular coast flanked by islands.

What is the population of Whitianga?

Whitianga is a town on the Coromandel Peninsula, in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island. The town is located on Mercury Bay, on the northeastern coast of the peninsula. The town has a permanent population of 6,330 as of June 2021, making it the second-largest town on the Coromandel Peninsula behind Thames.

Can I fly Auckland to Whitianga?

The best price found on Skyscanner for a flight from Auckland International to Whitianga is $228.

What is the meaning of Whitianga?

Whitianga is short for Te Whitianga-o-Kupe (Kupe’s crossing place). In Māori tradition, Kupe was an early explorer who visited Aotearoa. The bay which Whitianga sits on was called Te Whanganui-o-Hei (Hei’s great bay), after a tupuna from the Te Arawa canoe who had settled at the bay.

How do I get from Christchurch to Whitianga?

There is no direct connection from Christchurch to Whitianga. However, you can take the line 29 bus to Christchurch International Airport, take the walk to Christchurch airport, fly to Auckland, take the walk to Auckland Airport, then take the shuttle to Whitianga.

Where is Whitianga?

Whitianga is located on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, 191 km (119 mi) from Auckland (by road; 84 km direct distance), 93 km (58 mi) from Thames, 42 km (26 mi) from Tairua. It is situated on the coast of Mercury Bay along the 5 km (3 mi) long east-facing Buffalo Beach.

Where is Whitianga&Mercury Bay?

An increasing popular New Zealand North Island summer get-a-way spot, Whitianga & the Mercury Bay region is located on the Eastern side of The Coromandel Peninsula, 208kms from Auckland, 93km from Thames, and 42 km from Tairua. Is it near some popular Coromandel tourist spots including Hahei, Catherdral Cove, and Hot Water Beach

What does Whitianga have to do with industry?

Industry. Historically, Whitianga was a centre for boat building, kauri milling, flax milling, gold mining and gum digging. For many years, it was a leading timber port, with sailing ships from Norway, Sweden, France, Italy and Great Britain coming to load timber. Overseas vessels of 2000 tons with a draught of 18″…

What is the Whitianga Isite visitors centre?

The Whitianga iSite Visitors Centre is located on the main street, and provides visitors to the region with easy access to detailed local information and advice along with a range of brochures, maps, schedules and timetables.