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Does Aakash provide video lectures?

Does Aakash provide video lectures?

Students opting for Premium Aakash iTutor courses get recorded video lectures, e-books, printed study material and practice tests as part of their course material while the students buying Classic course get access to recorded video lectures only.

Is Aakash iTutor free for Aakash students?

If you are currently studying in any of the classes 8,9 or 10, you simply have to download the Aakash iTutor app from Google Play store and sign-up immediately. Once you are signed in, you will automatically get full access to the iTutor content for your current class at no cost.

How can I buy Aakash iTutor?

There are three ways to avail : Through the website: Through iTutor lab in any centre of Aakash institue. ( If you are a student of Aakash Institute.)…If you are not a student of aakash,

  1. You have to create an account.
  2. Then, you have to buy the aakash itutor package that suits you.
  3. then, voila!

How do I access Aakash ebooks?

Get Started

  1. Aakash student: Login with your PSID/Mobile no./Email ID.
  2. Non-Aakash student: Login with your registered Email ID/Mobile no.
  3. Itutor App (FB/Google) Users:

Can we download videos in iTutor?

Aakash iTutor App ‘Features’ and Benefits Download for Free: Candidates can download the videos and continue their study in offline mode as well.

Is Aakash online better than offline?

Students can gain flexibility in online coaching as they can study as per their schedule. Whereas, offline coaching has a strict timetable that has to be followed by students. Students are not able to interact with their teachers and fellow students.

Is phone allowed in Aakash Institute?

No student is allowed to carry mobile phone/I-pod in the classes or during the tests. In case, if he/she carries mobile phone in the classes or tests, then it should be switched off. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/theft of mobile phone in the Institute.

How much does Aakash iTutor cost?

48,499 for the online package and Rs. 49,999 for the SD card/chip package.

Is Vedantu better than Aakash?

Vedantu provides custom-based pricing. Aakash Digital provides custom-based pricing. In our general overview, we would say that Vedantu utilizes the newest technology to bring them alongside tutors for an interactive learning experience. While Aakash Live’ brings to you the Aakash classroom experience at your home.

What is the fees of Aakash live?

Aakash Live Fee for Class 12

Package Name Aakash Live Price
1 Year Regular Course for NEET 2023 Rs 1,00,000
1 Year Regular Course for Class 12, JEE Main & NEET 2023 Rs 1,20,000
1 Year Regular Course for JEE 2023 Rs. 1,00,000

Is Aakash iTutor app free?

Students can download the free mobile app and avail best features of Aakash iTutor at the best price. You can either purchase the entire course or can just buy specific subjects/chapters. Mobile freaks can also download Aakash iTutor App for free and get access to all the video lectures (first 3 minutes) at Zero cost.

Is physics wallah enough for IIT?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

What is Aakash study material?

Study Material: Aakash study material in printed books and e-Book format. Integrated Tests and Assessments: Assess what you have studied and keep track of your progress with online tests and analytical reports.

What is @Chuno Aakash digital?

Chuno Aakash Digital ka specialized Repeaters Batch for NEET & IIT-JEE aur karo Subject-wise recorded video lectures ke saath har doubt ka immediate resolution – weak areas ko strength mein badalne ke liye.

Do I need Internet to access Aakash digital courses?

Doubt Clarification: Doubts clarified across all topics by Aakash faculty via ‘Ask an Expert’. Internet Not Mandatory: Course material is also available in SD cards. Thank You! We’ve registered your lead. Please use the same phone number for any future communication with Aakash Digital

How would you like to be helpful to Aakash from IGNOU?

I am very helpful to Aakash as it gave me a platform to compete with best minds all over the world though living in a rural area. Its exciting! Overall it will be very much helpful to clear doubts and recover the lecture missed when the student was absent.