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How big will mondo grass grow?

How big will mondo grass grow?

Moderate growing; reaches 12 to 15 in. tall and wide. Despite its name, this is more of a Lily-like plant than a true grass. It is the traditional groundcover of the Japanese garden, planted at the base of pagoda lights and stone basins.

How much space do you need between mondo grass?

4 to 12 inches apart
Mondo Grass Spacing Plant 4 to 12 inches apart in mass plantings or when planted as an edging. The closer you plant each plug, the faster it will fill in for complete coverage. You should also stagger between rows for the best coverage.

How long does it take mondo grass to spread?

Standard mondo grass reaches a mature spread up to 1 foot wide within a year or two, but dwarf mondo grass needs two to three years under ideal conditions to reach its spread of 3 to 4 inches.

Can mondo grass take full sun?

Mondo grass grows well in ordinary garden soil, requiring minimum attention once established. Plants thrive in filtered sun to full shade and prefer moist soil. The foliage is usually light green when plants are grown in filtered sun. Plants growing in the shade have dark green leaves.

Can mondo grass be walked on?

Dwarf mondo grass can tolerate being walked on every now and then, but regular foot traffic will destroy it. If you’ll need to walk through an area planted with mondo grass, install stepping stones or another type of path. The plant is moderately pet-friendly.

Can mondo grass take foot traffic?

Does mondo grass tolerate foot traffic?

I have had the same Mondo grass in my garden for over 10 years….

Bloom Time : Summer
Seacrh Sun Exposure : Part Shade , Part Sun
Search Foot Traffic : Light,Moderate
Soil : Clay ,Sandy ,Gravel ,Normal
Spread : Continuous

Should mondo grass be cut back?

Mondo Grass does not require pruning though you can give it an annual pruning or mowing in late winter, before new spring growth begins to emerge.

What time of year do you plant mondo grass?

Best in early spring, but can be planted in the summer through early fall so that the plugs can root in before winter sets in.