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How much did the Marquette Interchange cost?

How much did the Marquette Interchange cost?

$800 million
The original Marquette Interchange lasted for forty years. The reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange began in January 2004 and was completed in August of 2008, at an approximate cost of $800 million.

What is the Hale Interchange in Milwaukee?

The Hale Interchange is the major interchange between Interstate 41 (I-41), I-43, I-894, US Highway 41 (US 41), and US 45 in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, southwest suburb of Greenfield, though it takes it name from the nearby community of Hales Corners.

When was the Marquette Interchange built?

1956Marquette Interchange / Constructed

When was 894 built?

The Zoo Freeway portion was completed from Beloit Road northward in 1963, and the Airport Freeway and remaining segment of the Zoo Freeway were completed in 1966. I-43 was routed concurrently with I-894 in 1988….

Interstate 894
Maintained by WisDOT
Length 9.92 mi (15.96 km)
Existed 1963–present
History Completed in 1966

Where is the Marquette Interchange?

downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Marquette Interchange is a major freeway interchange in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, located near Marquette University where Interstate 43 (I-43, North–South Freeway), I-94 (North–South Freeway and East–West Freeway), and I-794 (Lake Freeway) meet.

How many miles is US 41?

2,008 miUS Highway 41 / Length

When was i43 built in Milwaukee?

1981Interstate 43 / Constructed

Is Highway 41 Alligator Alley?

This is absolutely the best way to visit the everglades. Take your time across this long road thru the middle of the glades, you can spot lots of wildlife in the canals, on the banks and in the bush.

How the building of I 43 destroyed Milwaukee’s black community?

Construction begat forced movement, which tore apart both personal and economic relationships. Such damage begat greater divestment, which served to further segregate large swaths of the city along racial and economic lines.