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Is WWE still making DVDs?

Is WWE still making DVDs?

WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases will no longer be offered in the United States beginning in 2022, according to This means 2021 will have been the final year for WWE Home Video to have a presence in the home market.

Will WrestleMania 37 be on DVD?

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How can I buy WrestleMania?

Peacock is the exclusive streaming home of the WWE Network in the United States, which means you’ll only be able to stream WrestleMania with a subscription to Peacock Premium ($4.99/month or $49.99/year) or by purchasing the event through your cable provider.

Will Wrestlemania 38 be on Blu Ray?

Wwe: Wrestlemania 38 (blu-ray)(2022) : Target.

Where can I buy Wrestlemania?

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What is AEW’s biggest PPV?

Double or Nothing
It is also considered one of the “Big Four” PPVs for AEW, along with All Out, Full Gear, and Revolution….Events.

Event Double or Nothing (2019)
Date May 25, 2019
City Paradise, Nevada
Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena

Is John Cena going to return to WWE 2022?

McMahon prepares the WWE Universe for John Cena’s return: Raw, June 20, 2022. Mr. McMahon thanks the WWE Universe for nearly 30 years of Monday Night Raw, and looks forward to next week when John Cena will return.

How many buys did AEW all out 2021 GET?

205,000 PPV buys
Dave Meltzer, writing for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, stated that All Out did over 205,000 PPV buys, for an estimated $10 million in PPV revenue, of which AEW would receive an estimated $4.01 million.

Are there any WWE DVDs coming out in the UK?

– Royal Rumble 2022 DVD Cover Artwork & Extras… We also show 2022 wrestling DVD release dates coming soon in the UK: On our WWE DVD List page you will find full lists of WWE DVDs from previous years, such as the Complete List of 2021 WWE DVDs & Blu-rays.

Are there any WWE DVD&Blu-ray release dates for 2022?

The schedule of WWE DVD & Blu-ray Release Dates for 2022. This list is updated periodically using official sources, so check back often. The first list of dates shown is for the United States. The status of WWE DVDs in the United States is unclear following the news last December that WWE Home Video releases had been cancelled going into 2022.

Are WWE DVDs cancelled in US&Canada?

– WWE DVDs Cancelled in United States & Canada… – Reactions to No More Releases in 2022… – What’s Going On With 2022… – Royal Rumble 2022 DVD Added as US Listing… – Day 1 DVD Gets US Release Date, Cover Artwork & Trailer… – Royal Rumble 2022 DVD Cover Artwork & Extras… We also show 2022 wrestling DVD release dates coming soon in the UK:

Is WWE pay-per-view coming to DVD?

The following is a complete list of WWE Home Video releases on DVD, while select titles are marked as also being released on Blu-ray Disc and UMD. The Pay-Per-View Events are listed in order of their original Pay-Per-View airing, while the other categories are listed in alphabetical order. Just Say Yes! Yes!