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How does an ad9 air dryer work?

How does an ad9 air dryer work?

Air is heated as it’s compressed, and it cools as it travels through the discharge line to the air tank. This cooling results in condensation creating pools of water in the bottom of the truck’s air tanks.

How often should my air dryer purge?

Up to once a month for vehicles with high air demand or every three months for a typical line haul truck is recommended.

What is the typical service life of an air dryer desiccant cartridge?

For Bendix standard desiccant cartridges, the recommended replacement interval for most long haul and delivery trucks is typically 24 months. Trucks that consume larger amounts of air – or are used in vocational service – should have cartridges replaced every 18 months.

How fast should a semi build air pressure?

Air pressure build-up from 85 psi to 100 psi should take 45 seconds or less. While driving, observe the air pressure gauge during build-up to ensure proper air system operation.

How often should you change air dryer cartridge?


  1. For severe service applications, such as residential refuse trucks or school buses, the air dryer cartridge should be replaced every year or 100,000 miles.
  2. For pick up and delivery operations, or for double- and triple-trailer line haul trucks, every two years or 200,000 miles is recommended.

Do you need oil in air dryer?

Oil passed by the compressor is the enemy of the air dryer. Mixed with water, oil plugs up valves. But it also coats the desiccant inside the dryer cartridge until, eventually, the cartridge can no longer remove moisture – which leads to excessive moisture in the service tanks.

What causes air dryer to keep popping off?

Check for air leaks in the line between the air governor and the drier pop off valve. This should be the center tap in the governor. if it is an ad-9 drier and it leaks through the purge valve after its initial main purge and doesn’t stop till it is back on the build cycle check the check valve in the discharge port.

How often should an air dryer pop off?

How often should you change your air dryer cartridge?

Depending on how you drive the truck and how much air you consume, you might replace a cartridge like this every two or three years. More frequent replacement might be required if the compressor passes a lot of oil or the truck is used for vocational service.

How often should air dryer be replaced?

For the standard trucking level which is typically pick up/delivery operations, Bendix suggests you replace your air dryer every 200,000 miles, or 24 months. In this application, you should also be checking for moisture in the dryer every 25,000 miles, or three months.

How often should you drain air tanks on a truck?

It is recommended that you drain your tank daily, whether it is manually or automatically. Water build up in your tank can cause the bottom of your tank to rust forcing you to invest in a new tank. If you find yourself forget about draining your tank, you should look into purchasing an electronic drain valve.