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How many cm are Monster High dolls?

How many cm are Monster High dolls?

Ballerinas Monster High: Bend elbows, knees, hips and wrists on a 12-inch doll (30 cm) allow creative minds and hands to make up so many stories!

How tall is the tallest Monster High doll?

17 inches tall
At 17 inches tall, this Monster High doll is larger than un-life!…Product information.

Product Dimensions 10 x 3.75 x 15.11 inches
Manufacturer Mattel

Was Monster High Cancelled?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these dolls, Monster High was a line of fashion dolls produced by Mattel from 2010 to its cancellation around 2017.

What scale are 16 inch dolls?

3/4 scale
The 1:16 dolls house scale is sometimes called the 3/4 scale. One inch in this scale equals 16 inches on a real item, or 3/4 inch equals 1 foot.

What size is Monster High dolls?

about 10.5 in
Most of them are about 10.5 in (270 mm) tall.

How tall is clawdeen Wolf?

Clawdeen has lovely curly brown locks and is wearing a classic outfit. She is 17 inches tall and just as gorgeous as her normal sized counterpart. Her outfit begins with a pink & black tiger striped halter top worn under a black jacket. The jacket has a fur collar, gold zipper trim, and purple hem.

How tall are average Monster High dolls?

The ‘standard’ Monster High dolls are 10.5″ (Petite Slimline at 100%).

What size are Monster High dolls?

Most of them are about 10.5 in (270 mm) tall.

What scale is a 17 inch doll?

MSD: (also called 1/4 scale; some refer to as mini or medium size; 36 to 48cm total height range) – The avg dolls are around 42cm tall or about 16-17 inches. This is about the height of a large fashion doll, like Tonner, or the height of an American Girl doll.

Is clawdeen straight?

Character Information Clawdeen Wolf is a lesbian character from Monster High.

Is Rainbow High Bratz?

It’s no secret that MGA Entertainment’s Bratz dolls, which are making a comeback, are the iconic girls with a “passion for fashion.” However, the brand’s newest Rainbow High doll line is just as cute, all about the arts, still fashion-forward, and of course full of color, color and more color.