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What is a ShoreTel phone system?

What is a ShoreTel phone system?

ShoreTel Communicator is a user-based application that integrates IP telephony features, messaging, conferencing, video, mobility and other capabilities. The interface allows users to respond quickly to calls and messages, and check online presence of colleagues and much more.

How do I pair my ShoreTel phone?

Connect Power over Ethernet: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the ShoreTel IP Phone. 2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a network wall port that supports Power over Ethernet. After a few seconds, the ShoreTel IP Phone powers on and runs through a series of system tests.

How do I reset my ShoreTel phone?

Follow this step-by-step instruction and the phone is starting from scratch:

  1. Type 772667# on the phone keypad.
  2. Enter the default password 1234#
  3. The phone will be reseted and display Factory Test KPD Mode.
  4. Type 25327# (spells clear# ) on phone keypad.
  5. Then the phone will show Clearing Phone Data.

How do I use my Plantronics headset with ShoreTel phone?

Plantronics Direct-Connect Cable: Many newer ShoreTel telephones have a headset port and button for easy headset use. You simply plug your H-series headset into the direct connect cable, and into your ShoreTel telephones headset port. To answer or end a call, you simply press the headset button.

How do you use a ShoreTel phone?

Lift handset. Dial 4-digit extension number or press the speed dial line appearance button if speed dial has been set up for you….TO PLACE AN EXTERNAL TELEPHONE CALL:

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial your trunk access code 9 and the telephone number for local calls.
  3. For long distance calls, dial 9+1+AC+telephone number.

How do I connect my Mitel phone to my computer?

Connect the network cable from the wall jack into the ethernet jack on the back of the phone. Connect the ethernet cable from your computer into the computer jack on the back of the phone. All the lights on the phone will light up and you will see the boot process; this may take a couple of minutes.

How do I reset my shoretel 230?

Press the Mute button, which is the second round, gray button located to the right of the handset. The phone’s LED light should be off at this point. If it lights up, pick up and then replace the handset. Then, type R-E-S-E-T on the keypad followed by the # key located in the bottom right corner of the keypad.

How do you use ShoreTel?

How do I set up my shoretel 230 phone?

With the phone on hook, press the MUTE key followed by 73887# (SETUP#). At the Password prompt, enter 1234 , or the password provided by your system administrator, followed by the # key. Enter the values listed in Table above when prompted.