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Is Bianchi a good holster?

Is Bianchi a good holster?

I bought this inside-the-pants holster for my Colt Pony Pocketlite 380, and I’m not disappointed! The design is excellent, especially with the top design which prevents the top of your semi-auto from digging into your side when you are seated.

Is Bianchi owned by Safariland?

Bianchi is a part of The Safariland Group family of brands.

Where are Bianchi holsters made?

The holster is made in Mexico and shows very good craftsmanship as is typical of Bianchi products and Mexican leather goods in general.

How long has Bianchi been making holsters?

John Bianchi began making pistol holsters in his garage in 1958 when he was a full-time policeman. It was incorporated as Bianchi Holster Co., Inc., ten years later and was relocated from Monrovia to Temecula, California in 1971.

Who makes Bianchi holster?

Bianchi International
Bianchi International of Temecula, California is a worldwide producer of leather and nylon goods for the law enforcement industry. Since the 1970s they have produced items from gun holsters to duty belts and everything related in between.

Who is John Bianchi?

FALLBROOK — John Bianchi, a former New York City police officerwho founded Bianchi International, an internationally recognizedleader in the manufacturing of gun holsters, died last week at hisFallbrook home of complications from Parkinson’s disease. Bianchi, who died April 20, was 89.

Who owns Bianchi leather?

Armor Holdings
Since the 1970s they have produced items from gun holsters to duty belts and everything related in between. Armor Holdings bought Bianchi International in 2004; BAE Systems bought Armor in 2007.

Who makes the best cowboy holsters?

Kirkpatrick Leather Western Holsters and Holster rigs. Current lead time 10-15 weeks. Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been making the World’s greatest Western gun holsters since 1950.

What is a double loop holster?

Two points of contact to the belt. Two points of contact to the belt allows you to position the holster in any area on the belt, such as the 3:30 spot where a belt loop usually prevents holster placement. The dual contact points also prevent the firearm from tipping outwards, even with fully loaded full sized firearms.

What Pistols did Wild Bill Hickok use?

Hickok’s favorite guns were a pair of Colt 1851 Navy Model (. 36 caliber) cap-and-ball revolvers. They had ivory grips and nickel plating, and were ornately engraved with “J.B. Hickok–1869” on the backstrap.