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What are the 7 largest countries in Asia?

What are the 7 largest countries in Asia?

Top 12 Largest Countries in Asia by Land Area (United Nations):

  • Russia* — 16,376,870 km2 (6,323,142 mi2)
  • China — 9,388,210 km2 (3,624,807 mi2)
  • India — 2,973,190 km2 (1,147,955 mi2)
  • Kazakhstan — 2,699,700 km2 (1,042,360 mi2)
  • Saudi Arabia — 2,149,690 km2 (830,000 mi2)
  • Indonesia — 1,877,519 km2 (724,914 mi2)

What is the 8th most populated country in Asia?

Bangladesh – 163 million It is the eighth most populous country in the world and the most densely populated large country. The population of Bangladesh accounts for 3.63 of the total Asian population. With an average relative annual growth of 1.37%, the population is expected to double in 2065.

What are the largest countries in Asia by population?


Rank Country (or dependent territory) % of Asia’s population
1 China 31.35
2 India 29.72
3 Indonesia 5.84
4 Pakistan 4.39

What are the top 10 most popular countries in Asia?

Top 10 most visited Asian countries

  • China.
  • Thailand.
  • Japan.
  • Malaysia.
  • India.
  • Vietnam.
  • South Korea.
  • Singapore.

What is the third largest country in Asia?

List of Asian countries by area

Rank Country Area
1 Russia* 13,129,142
2 China 9,615,222
3 India 3,287,263

Which is the beautiful country in Asia?

Vietnam. Another picture-perfect nation to visit in Asia, Vietnam impresses with its vast rice terrace fields, pretty temples and pristine coastal towns.

What is the 8th most populated country in the world?

Ten Countries with the Highest Population in the World. are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico.

Which countries in Asia have a population above 100 million?

China is the most populous country in Asia, followed by India. The other five countries with a total number of humans above 100 mn are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, and the Philippines. The top five countries together hold a huge 75% share of the Asia population. As of 2021, 28 countries have a population above 10 million.

What is the second most populous country in Asia?

2. India – 1.2 billion India is the second most populous country in both Asia and the world with a population of approximately 1.2 billion people, accounting for 29.72% of the Asian population. About 30% of the total Indian population lives in urban areas with the majority living in the rural.

What is the most popular country in Asia?

Iran – 78.8 million Iran completes the list of the top ten populous countries in Asia with a population of approximately 78.8 million people as of 2017, accounting for 1.74% of the total Asian population. Iran experienced a rapid population growth between 1956 and 2009, with the population growing from 19 million to 75 million during the period.

What is the population of the Asian countries in 2021?

Asian Countries by population (2021) # Country (or dependency) Population (2020) Yearly Change Density (P/Km²) 1 China 1,439,323,776 0.39 % 153 2 India 1,380,004,385 0.99 % 464 3 Indonesia 273,523,615 1.07 % 151 4 Pakistan 220,892,340 2.00 % 287