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What is the difference between an ACAN and an ACAN Lord?

What is the difference between an ACAN and an ACAN Lord?

You have Micromussa lordhowensis and Acanthastrea Lordhowensis,hence the name ‘acan lord’ so essentially acan’s and lords are the same type of coral. They just shortened the name.

Can Acans recover?

Acans recover nicely from the process – particularly when you’ve been target feeding them to encourage healthy growth.

Can Acans touch other Acans?

Yes they can just make sure they are same speices lords will die if micromussa is able to touch them.

Are Acans and Micromussa the same?

Now we come to learn that the most iconic of all Acans, the ‘Acan’ Lords are now considered to be a species of Micromussa.

Are Acans stony corals?

Acans are species of large polyp stony corals (LPS) which means that they build hard calcium carbonate skeletons with large fleshy polyps. As with many other corals, acans have been designed to display bright colors with unique names for better retail.

How fast do ACAN corals grow?

Acans grow by producing new heads and they will eventually form a dome shape when fully grown. In some cases, they are known to grow rapidly that they sprout a new head every 7-14 days once feeding needs are met and optimal water parameters are maintained.

Can Acans touch Bowerbanki?

Beware however, does not play well with acans. Don’t let them touch each other. Give it a little time. A week isn’t uncommon for them to get adjusted to their new home.

How fast do ACAN lords grow?

Can Acans touch Micromussa?

Basically anything that doesn’t sting. Acans don’t sting do anything that can hurt them will mess them up. Mine grow next to zoa and leptastrea no problem.

How much flow do Acans like?

Acan Coral prefer a low to medium flow. This allows food to flow to the coral as well as remove mucus and bad nutrients from the coral. Too much flow can cause the large, fleshy polyps of the Acan Coral to either stay retracted, be ripped off the skeleton.

Will ACAN sting each other?

Acan lords won’t hurt each other. They are often placed right next to each other.

Do ACAN corals need to be fed?

Most hobbyists consider feeding acan corals a must for success. Yes, they can sustain themselves with the nutrients available in the water column, but additional feedings really make them thrive.

Can you put Acans next to each other?

As long as you keep the same type of acan together you should be fine. They call it the ‘passing lane’ and the ‘fast lane’ for a reason.

Can hammer corals touch?

That’s the glory of euphillia’s, they can all touch within each other, hammers, torches and frogspawns are completely compatible with one another. just keep them away from other types if you can.

Can Micromussa touch?