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Do Halfords sell Boardman Bikes?

Do Halfords sell Boardman Bikes?

Designed for everyone – from the enthusiast through to the everyday leisure cyclist our performance series has been specifically designed for purpose to achieve unrivalled all round performance and affordable value.

When did Halfords buy Boardman?

In 2014 the UK bicycle and car parts retailer Halfords acquired Boardman Bikes for £20,000,000.

Who owns Boardman cycles?

HalfordsBoardman Bikes / Parent organizationHalfords Group PLC is the UK’s largest retailer of motoring and cycling products and services. Through Halfords Autocentre, they provide vehicle servicing, MOT, maintenance and repairs in the United Kingdom.
Halfords Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Wikipedia

How much did Halfords buy Boardman for?

Halfords, Britain’s biggest bicycle retailer, has bought Boardman Bikes for a reported sum of between £10 and £15 million. Former world and Olympic champion Chris Boardman, who founded the business, will continue to be involved with it.

When did Boardman Bikes start?

July 2007
The first bikes were launched in July 2007 and success followed quickly, not just in sales but also through the independent reviews and out on the road with Nicole Cooke winning Gold at the 2008 Olympics. Roll forward and Boardman bikes is going from strength to strength.

Who makes bikes for Halfords?

Boardman Bikes
Halfords has moved its cycling business up a gear with the acquisition of Olympic champion Chris Boardman’s bike company. The bicycles-to-car accessories retailer has paid between £10m and £15m for Boardman Bikes, according to sources familiar with the deal.

Are Boardman still making bikes?

Boardman Bikes has just released its 2021 range, including updates to its SLR endurance bike and the release of its new ADV gravel bike. Boardman Bikes has been notably quiet recently. That’s because it has been gearing up for the launch of its 2021 range.

Are Boardman bikes any good 2021?

Previously a little under-gunned, the 2021 ADV 8.9 has hit the gym. Now far more capable over rough terrain, this improvement comes courtesy of a slacker triple-butted aluminium frame and tapered C7 carbon fork. With both now upgraded to thru-axle standard, stiffness across the bike has been improved.

How heavy is a Boardman bike?

Constructed from Boardman’s highest grade C10 carbon fibre and weighing only 850 grams*, the attention to detail that has gone into the frame is second to none.