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Do you need a hearth pad for a pellet stove?

Do you need a hearth pad for a pellet stove?

Do Pellet Stoves Need A Hearth? All pellet stoves need to be placed on a suitable hearth to ensure that the floor of a building is protected from the heat of a real fire inside the stove.

What should you put under a pellet stove?

To prevent fire, pellet stoves must be installed on a noncombustible surface, typically called a hearth pad. This is typically made of a masonry material, beneath which is a cement backer board. Hearth pads serve an important function, but they don’t have to be bland.

How big does a pellet stove hearth need to be?

The area around the pellet stove that the pellet stove hearth pad needs to cover will typically be six inches at the front and sides, less at the rear although it should extend under the vent pipe. The manual for your heater will give precise dimensions, which local building codes may exceed.

What does a pellet stove have to sit on?

Pellet stoves require a pellet stove pad, sometimes referred to as a pellet stove base or a hearth pad, so that they sit atop a noncombustible base to protect the floor and neighboring surfaces.

How thick should a hearth pad be?

The standard for a hearth pad thickness is a minimum of 3/8″ or 8mm, and this can be thicker depending on the noncombustible material used, something that is important and not always stated on stove labels is that the hearth pad should be a continuous surface.

How big does a hearth pad need to be?

What size hearth pad do I need? The stove you put on determines the size of the pad. Generally speaking, wood stoves require pads 48″ and larger to protect from falling embers. Pellet, gas, electric, corn, oil and propane stoves can be installed on smaller pads.

What does a pellet stove need to sit on?

How do you build a base for a pellet stove?

Create the Pellet Stove Base Using a table saw or hand saw, cut the form from the plywood and then cut the shape from the backer board with a utility knife. Place the plywood where the stove will sit and secure it to the floor using 2-inch galvanized deck screws around the edge, spaced 8 to 10 inches apart.

How do you protect a wall from stove heat?

If your walls are combustible, you can install a shield on a wall to reduce the stove’s clearance area. Like the floor pad, the shield should be made of a noncombustible material, such as sheet metal.

How big of a hearth pad do I need?

Can you hang a TV over a pellet stove?

The answer is yes, you can put a TV above a pellet stove – if the conditions are right and if precautions are followed.

Can you use durock as a heat shield?

Strong, durable and resistant to water damage, DUROCK® Next Gen Cement Board is ideal for use in partitions, walls, floors and ceilings in residential construction and can be used as a heat shield.