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Does limb salvage surgery offer patients better quality of life and functional capacity than amputation?

Does limb salvage surgery offer patients better quality of life and functional capacity than amputation?

Conclusion. These data suggest that limb-salvage surgery offers better gait efficiency and return to normal living compared with above-knee amputation, but does not improve the patient’s perception of quality of life.

What is diabetic limb salvage?

Diabetic limb salvage is podiatric care that focuses on wound healing, avoiding wound ulceration, preventing infection, and avoiding amputation in diabetes patients.

When should a diabetic foot be amputated?

Wounds need to be monitored frequently, at least every one to four weeks. When the condition results in a severe loss of tissue or a life-threatening infection, an amputation may be the only option. A surgeon will remove the damaged tissue and preserve as much healthy tissue as possible.

Why do people with diabetes get their feet amputated?

Diabetes is linked to two other conditions that raise the chances of foot amputation: peripheral artery disease (PAD) and diabetic neuropathy. PAD can narrow the arteries that carry blood to your legs and feet and make you more likely to get ulcers (open sores) and infections.

What is a foot amputation called?

Transmetatarsal amputation (TMA) is a surgery to remove part of your foot. You may need a TMA if you have poor blood flow to your foot or a severe infection.

Can a foot be saved from amputation?

In the past, amputation of your foot was usually the only option, but now, our doctors frequently can save your foot with reconstructive surgery. This involves rebuilding bones, tendons, and tissues in your foot after removing the problematic bones or tissues.

Can amputation be avoided?

But most patients would do anything to avoid this independence-robbing surgery. And the evidence shows that most amputations in patients with diabetes or other circulatory problems can indeed be prevented.

Can Type 2 diabetes lead to amputation?

What is an alternative to amputation?

The alternative to amputation is “limb salvage,” a term used to describe surgery performed to save the form and function of a limb.

What can be done instead of an amputation?

Bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty, and stents are the most common treatments for severe cases. Eton says these approaches are costly, invasive, and often do not offer a durable result to improve patient outcomes.