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What is a multi stack chiller?

What is a multi stack chiller?

Multistack Chiller Multistack started with a radically simple idea: water chillers made up of modules that could be brought into the equipment room one at a time, through standard doorways and down elevators, to form a fully integrated water chiller system.

What is a modular chiller?

A modular chiller uses two or more modules to expand your system’s cooling capacity further than a standard chiller would. When the modules work together, they create a larger capacity than one standard chiller would alone.

How does air-cooled chiller work?

An air-cooled chiller works by absorbing the heat from processed water. Once the water in the air handler system is used, it becomes warm and is sent back to the chiller. Heat is transferred away from the water using the chiller’s evaporator.

Can you stack chillers?

Stacking and carryover can be very common, affecting all types of water-cooled chillers. However, low-pressure chillers, which operate the evaporator in a vacuum, are more susceptible. Compared to high-pressure chillers, they do not have a large difference in refrigerant pressure between the condenser and evaporator.

What is a heat recovery chiller?

A heat recovery chiller is a traditional screw type chiller where the heat of condensing is absorbed by a water loop, which is then used for heating.

What is refrigerant stacking?

Stacking is the abnormal accumulation of refrigerant in the condenser, commonly caused by a decrease in the difference in pressure or “lift” between the condenser and the evaporator.

What is the difference between heat pump and chiller?

The only difference between a heat pump and a chiller is that one is designed to remove heat from a space or process stream, making it cooler and rejecting heat to the environment, while the other is designed to extract heat from the environment and use it to provide useful heat.

What is the difference between HVAC and chiller?

Industrial chillers are built to handle the cooling of various manufacturing processes (brewery cooling, hydroponic cooling, plastics cooling) directly. Conventional HVACs are built to regulate the environmental temperatures within designated spaces.

How do I choose a chiller type?

As each industrial environment is different, Pfannenberg designed a 6-steps guide to help you select the proper chiller for your application:

  1. Step 1: Determine the heat load.
  2. Step 2: Determine the coolant type, temperature & flow rate.
  3. Step 3: Identify installation environment.
  4. Step 4: Use chiller performance curves.

Our modular approach means that new equipment can be delivered and the chiller built module by module. They can easily fit through doorways and into elevators and can even be installed around obsolete equipment if necessary. A space-efficient Multistack module can provide as much as 70 tons in as little as 9 square feet.

What is Multistack chiller?

Multistack was originally designed as a solution for problem chiller change-outs, which required costly and cumbersome dismantling and reassembly. Our modular approach means that new equipment can be delivered and the chiller built module by module.

What is the capacity of a airstack air cooler?

Airstack ® air-cooled modules are available in a wide range of capacities and with tandem scroll compressor sets to create chillers with a 10 to 600 ton capacity. Modular design makes adding capacity as easy as purchasing and installing more modules.

Why choose Arctic chiller group?

The Arctic Chiller Group specializes in the design and manufacturing of modular chillers with multiple features for commercial HVAC applications and various industrial processes. Pump package. Contact an Arctic Chiller Group Sales Representative with your design parameters to get started today.