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How do I get better at Holy paladin?

How do I get better at Holy paladin?

How To Improve As Holy Paladin — Shadowlands 9.2. 5

  1. Correct Amount of Light of the Martyr Usage.
  2. Using Your Short Cooldown Spells More Often.
  3. Using Your Longer Cooldowns Often Enough.
  4. Making Sure Not to Directly Heal Your Beacon(s) too Often.
  5. Improve Positioning.
  6. Analyzing Your Mistakes as a Holy Paladin.

Whats better a paladin or Cleric?

A cleric CAN fight, but a Paladin will always be a better fighter. A Paladin CAN cast spells, but the Cleric is always going to be a better spellcaster. If we’re going by roles; the Cleric is the best healer in the game (except MAYBE a Lore Bard who uses Magical Secrets for healing spells from cleric and paladin).

What should I play in WotLK Classic?

Overall Best In WotLK Classic Class – Druid.

  • Second Best Class In WotLK Classic – Paladin.
  • Easy Leveling Class In WotLK Classic – Hunter.
  • WotLK Classic Easy Leveling Class – Mage.
  • PvE DPS Class in WotLK Classic – Rogue, Warlock.
  • Easy Tank – Paladin.
  • Easy Healer – Holy Paladin.
  • Most Needed Class – Shaman.
  • Are Holy paladins good?

    They’re the dedicated tank healer. The problems is that they’re not as good in dungeons due to all the AoE damage. That’s not to say a paladin can’t do it, but it’s harder for them. In addition to being the worst dungeons healers, they’re also the best dungeon tanks, so it makes sense that not many of them are healing.

    What are Holy Paladins good for in PvP?

    Holy Paladin Strengths in PvP Cooldowns Holy Paladins are known for their cooldowns such as Avenging Wrath, Blessing of Sacrifice, and Blessing of Protection. With the Blessed Hands talent, they have two copies of Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom, allowing them and their teammates to stay alive much longer than they ordinarily would.

    What is the best stat for a holy paladin?

    For most stats 1 item point is equal to 1 point in the stat. The exceptions are Spell Power (1 item point = 1.166 sp), Mp5 (1 item point = 0.5 Mp5) and Stamina (1 item point = 1.5 stamina). Intellect has received a huge boost with WotLK mechanics, and is now the best stat for Holy Paladins by far.

    How do you play Holy Paladin?

    There are really many different ways to play holy paladin than normal intellect/HL style. Just HL spamm style is the easiest and most effective but sometimes is good just to try something new and different thus you can increase your skill and do not get bored by spamming of one spell mostly.

    What are the best spells for holy paladin in wrath?

    Holy Paladins in Wrath have quite a few useful spells in their toolkit unlike the Classic/TBC Paladin. With how much mana you can have now, because of Intellect and Divine Plea, this is your main spell that you can spam most of the fight.