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Is Skoda Rapid Ambition a good car?

Is Skoda Rapid Ambition a good car?

It is a Sedan Beast. It will have great feel in driving comfort for a long drive also but the service cost is little high because it is imported car. Buying experience is good with the car it’s extremely comfortable and spacious. Speed is very good and smooth riding.

How reliable is the Skoda Rapid?

Skoda Rapid review – Reliability and Safety Along with extremely well-rated running costs, where it was ranked 6th, such feedback gave the Rapid a strong 25th place in the overall survey. As the Rapid uses technology from elsewhere in the VW Group, we would expect it to be extremely reliable.

What is TSI engine in Skoda?

So, what exactly is TSI? Well, simply put, Turbocharged Stratified Injected (TSI) engines are one of the best turbocharged petrol engine technology available out there right now. They are lightweight, high-power, fuel-efficient 3- and 4-cylinder motors that use a combination of turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

Is Skoda Rapid underpowered?

Is Skoda Rapid Underpowered? The Skoda Rapid is not underpowered for normal drivers. It has a fantastic torque-to-weight ratio of 150 to 157Nm/tonne depending on the variant and transmission you choose. The Rapid turbo has the best torque-to-weight ratio for a petrol-powered C-segment sedan.

Which version of Skoda Rapid is best?

Which 2020 Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI variant is the pick of the range? The variant that offers the best value for money proposition is the Rapid Rider Plus. It checks off all the necessities in terms of safety kit and it is equipped with a decent amount of creature comforts and tech too.

Does Skoda have good resale value?

Skoda Rapid being a good car has low resale value due to its high maintenance cost and not easily serviceable outside Skoda Service centers. Also the spares of Skoda are bit expensive. Honda City is topmost choice in sedan second hand market. Honda engines are good.

Is Skoda Rapid worth buying UK?

Despite these drawbacks, the Rapid has some great qualities, such as its huge boot and a good range of engines – all of which add up to make it a reasonable choice for families on a budget. It’s a name from the past, but the Skoda Rapid doesn’t have anything in common with the old models that have also used it.

Is Skoda Rapid TSI turbo?

Engine and specification: Powering the Skoda Rapid is a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder, TSI turbo-petrol engine that produces 109bhp and 175Nm of torque. This motor is paired to a six-speed manual unit or a six-speed torque converter automatic unit.

Is Skoda TSI engine reliable?

Bro yes they are 99% reliable & the out going BS4 VW/SKODA/SCANIA/AUDI engines are 100% reliable in a way that they last for 6 lakh kilometres without any hiccups & if one drives smoothly they can go beyond.

Which Colour is best for Skoda Rapid?

The Skoda Rapid is available in 6 different colours: Brilliant Silver, Cuppuccino Beige, Lapiz Blue, Carbon Steel, Flash Red, Candy White. The Premium Carbon Steel gives it a refreshing look. The Cuppuccino Beige color gives it an eye catching edge. The Lapiz Blue White color gives it a timeless appeal.

Which is the best Skoda Rapid?

Taking into consideration all the variants and their individualistic features, it is safe to say that the Rapid Rider Plus is the most bang for buck variant of the 2020 Skoda Rapid. It is by far the perfect amalgamation of safety, comfort, beautiful features, and value for money out of all the other offerings!