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What does it mean to convulse someone?

What does it mean to convulse someone?

Definition of convulse transitive verb. : to shake or agitate violently especially : to shake with or as if with irregular spasms was convulsed with laughter.

What is the origin of convulsive?

1610s, “of the nature of or characterized by convulsion,” from French convulsif, from Medieval Latin *convulsivus, from convuls-, past-participle stem of convellere “to pull away, to pull this way and that, wrench,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + vellere “to pluck, pull violently” (see …

What kind of word is convulsed?

verb (used with object), con·vulsed, con·vuls·ing. to shake violently; agitate. to cause to shake violently with laughter, anger, pain, etc.

What does the word spasmodically mean?

1a : relating to or affected or characterized by spasm. b : resembling a spasm especially in sudden violence a spasmodic jerk. 2 : acting or proceeding fitfully : intermittent spasmodic activity. 3 : subject to outbursts of emotional excitement : excitable.

What does a convulsion feel like?

Some people have nausea or unusual feelings that are difficult to describe. These seizures may also result in difficulty speaking, involuntary jerking of a body part, such as an arm or a leg, and spontaneous sensory symptoms such as tingling, dizziness and seeing flashing lights.

What is the synonym of convulse?

Some common synonyms of convulse are agitate, rock, and shake. While all these words mean “to move up and down or to and fro with some violence,” convulse suggests a violent pulling or wrenching as of a body in a paroxysm.

What are convulsions like?

A convulsion is an episode in which you experience rigidity and uncontrolled muscle spasms along with altered consciousness. The spasms cause jerky motions that generally last a minute or two.

What is meant by woebegone?

Definition of woebegone 1 : strongly affected with woe : woeful. 2a : exhibiting great woe, sorrow, or misery a woebegone expression.

Is there such a word as spasmodically?

in sudden, brief, or sporadic bursts:The plane engine began to cough and sputter spasmodically.Mail arrived only spasmodically, so communication with the outside world was limited.

Can laughing be a seizure?

Overview. People having a gelastic seizure (GS) sound like they are laughing or mumbling. This is an uncontrolled reaction caused by unusual electrical activity in the part of the brain that controls these actions. Gelastic seizures are named after the greek word for laughter, “gelastikos.”

What are the antonyms of convulsed?

antonyms for convulse

  • calm.
  • order.
  • quiet.
  • soothe.

Is woebegone a real word?

Breaking Down Woebegone The word derives from the Middle English phrase wo begon. The wo in this phrase simply means “woe,” but begon (deriving from Old English began) is a past participle meaning “beset.” Someone who is woebegone, therefore, is beset with woe.

Where does the saying woe betide come from?

Etymology. From Early Modern English woe (“great sadness or distress; calamity, trouble”) + betide (“to happen to, befall”), formerly used to decry a person’s actions. Grammatically, it is a term the verb of which is in the subjunctive mood.

What is the verb for convulsing?

convulse ( third-person singular simple present convulses, present participle convulsing, simple past and past participle convulsed ) ( transitive) To violently shake or agitate. ( transitive) To create great laughter.

What is the origin of the German word love?

The Germanic words are from PIE root *leubh- “to care, desire, love.” The weakened sense “liking, fondness” was in Old English. Meaning “a beloved person” is from early 13c. The sense “no score” (in tennis, etc.) is 1742, from the notion of playing for love (1670s), that is, for no stakes.

What are some examples of convulsions in real life?

The patient reacted to the medication and began convulsing. The country was convulsed by war. Recent Examples on the Web After receiving the sedative, Grant began to convulse and throw up. — Catherine Garcia, The Week, 28 Oct. 2021 Kevin saw Zay, his linebacker and one of Davon’s closest friends, convulse in anguish. — Washington Post, 29 Mar. 2021

What is the definition of love according to WordNet?

Definitions of love from WordNet. 1. love ( n.) a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; children need a lot of love. his love for his work. love ( n.) any object of warm affection or devotion; the theater was her first love.