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How Fast Is Michael Phelps 100 fly?

How Fast Is Michael Phelps 100 fly?

Phelps had gone 51.47 in the semi-finals at those ’03 Worlds in Barcelona, the fastest swim ever, and then Ian Crocker went 50.98 in the final to take both the gold and the record….U.S. Open Record Split Comparison.

Phelps, 2009 World Trials Dressel, 2021 Olympic Trials
26.39 26.78
50.22 50.17

What is the world record for 100-meter fly?

49.45 seconds
Despite Tokyo 2020 being shifted to the summer of 2021 and so much uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, Dressel would claim his third of five golds achieved at Tokyo 2020 and set the current 100m butterfly world record of 49.45 seconds, shaving 0.05 of a second off his previous record.

What is a good 100 fly time?

But, for the most part, an average, comfortable time for 100 meters is about 2 minutes, according to U.S. Masters Swimming. Keep in mind, that time isn’t necessarily good or bad.

Who’s better Phelps or Dressel?

Coming off the blocks, there are no doubts that Dressel may be the greatest of all time; because of his enormous vertical leap. But, Phelps is a better mid-distance swimmer with his turns being one of the best in the business. To settle the debate, Dressel is by far faster than Phelps.

Who is faster Caeleb or Michael?

Going onto the long course 100-meters freestyle competition, Dressel clocked 46.96 while Phelps managed to set a time of 47.51. Coming off the blocks, there are no doubts that Dressel may be the greatest of all time; because of his enormous vertical leap.

Did Michael Phelps win the 100m butterfly at the 2012 Olympics?

Full event replay of Michael Phelps winning his gold medal in the 100m Butterfly at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 August 2012). Phelps was followed by a joint silver place to both Chad le Clos (South Africa) and Evgeny Korotyshkin (Russian Fed.).

Is Michael Phelps’ 500-yard free time his best ever?

Phelps’ time is his second best ever, behind his lifetime best of 1:40.58 set while swimming for NBAC at the 2010 Maryland Swimming Championships. NBAC must have fed off Phelps’ performance as teammate Allison Schmitt, who took Phelps’ engagement pictures last month, vaulted to fifth all time in the 500-yard free last night.

What is Caeleb Dressel’s 100 butterfly record?

Caeleb Dressel set a world record in the 100 butterfly, surpassing Michael Phelps’ mark by 0.32 seconds. Clive Rose/Getty Images It’s the second world record of Phelps’ to fall at this year’s worlds. Kristof Milak of Hungary won the 200 fly in 1:50.73, bettering Phelps’ mark of 1:51.51, also set in Rome.