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How many islands are on Caramoan Island?

How many islands are on Caramoan Island?

Island Hopping and snorkelling: Caramoan is made up of 10 main islands: Bag-ing, Cagbanilad, Catanhawan, Cotivas, Lahus, Lahuy, Matukad, Minalahos, Pitogo, Sabitang-Laya. It’s a must to go island hopping between a few or all of these island gems if you can!

Why you should visit Caramoan?

The attraction of Caramoan is its multiple islands, beaches, hidden beaches, fine sand, coral reefs, lagoons and more all within no more than an hour’s boat ride away from the town’s main jump-off point at Paniman Beach.

Why you should visit Caramoan Island?

Is there a signal in Caramoan Island?

Do not expect a strong wifi or 3G/LTE signal. Smart has a stronger signal in Caramoan and Globe only recently set up a cellsite there. Out in the islands, do not expect to be able to chat with your friends on social media.

Why is Caramoan island a tourist spot?

Caramoan is the Philippines’ next top tourist destination, thanks to Survivor, the TV series that introduced this paradise to the world. This town in Camarines Norte is a gateway to tourist spots full of beautiful beaches, stunning limestone cliffs, and mysterious caves of the Caramoan National Park.

Why do tourists visit Caramoan?

About Caramoan Islands Caramoan Islands is also renowned for its enchanting flora and fauna, as it is well-endowed with a 4,000 hectare limestone forest. Together with peaceful waters, tantalizing caves, hidden coves, and a diverse marine life, Caramoan Islands is truly a paradise that you must explore.

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