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What does James Bonsall do for a living?

What does James Bonsall do for a living?

He currently works as a software salesman. James has moved around quiiiiite a bit for work—he previously held roles at Calvin Klein, The Esteé Lauder Company, Equinox, and Cintas while living in New York City but later moved to Stamford, Connecticut, to work at a company called Paychex.

Where is James from The Bachelorette from?

La Jolla, California
Who is James from The Bachelorette? In his Bachelorette bio, James, a 30-year-old from La Jolla, California, describes himself as more than his looks.

What does Pieper James do for a living?

What does Pieper James do for a Living? Pieper currently works as an “Account Coordinator” for an advertising agency, which from the job description appears to be advertising speak for secretary.

Where is Pieper James from?

BACHELOR Nation first met Pieper James on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. Originally from Happy Valley, Oregon, she will be adding to her Bachelor resume as she tries to find love again on Bachelor in Paradise.

Where did James Bonsall go to college?

Bonsall is a graduate of SUNY Cortland in upstate New York.

Is James Bonsall a model?

He works as a software salesman, even though he looks like a model and/or fitness trainer. Overall, James is very dedicated to achieving “the best version of himself.” As such, he wants to be with a woman that is equally dedicated to unlocking her full potential.

Does Pieper have a masters degree?

Bachelorette Biography Pieper has a dynamite personality, a creative mind, a master’s degree in marketing and a wonderful family who has supported all her endeavors.

Does Pieper James have a master’s degree?

What Does Pieper James Do? Pieper is currently a graduate student at DePaul University. She will get her Master’s Degree in Marketing in 2021.

How tall is James from The Bachelorette?

around 6 feet, 5 inches tall
James, the first Black Bachelor in the franchise history, is a 29-year-old commercial real estate professional who works for CBRE, or Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis. His birthday is December 5 and height-wise, James is around 6 feet, 5 inches tall, multiple reports claim.

How old is James Bachelorette?

Now that Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is well underway, Bachelor Nation is getting to know James Bonsall outside of his “box.” James is 31 years old and lives in La Jolla, California.

Are Pieper and Brendan still together?

Pieper James and Brendan Morais are still together and are starting a new travel vlog. In her October 2021 chat with Kufrin, James confirmed that she and Morais are very much in love. And she admitted that they kept their post-show relationship secret so they could build a strong connection without any outside scrutiny …

Are Brenden and Piper together?

Pieper says that she and Brendan Morais remain happy together after a dramatic stint on Bachelor in Paradise. “Brendan and I are very much still together,” Pieper exclusively shared with E! News on Jan. 19.

Where did Pieper James go to school?

Pieper decided to pursue her bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology at the University of Oregon.

Where does Matt James work?

He works for CBRE Group, Inc., a commercial real estate company in New York City. James is also the founder of ABC Food Tours, a non-profit organization that educates children in underserved communities about food and exercise in New York City.

Why did James leave The Bachelorette?

Saying goodbye He told her what James said, that he felt like he could not focus on anything else, and that it was time for him to go home. “I did not see this coming,” Thurston said.

What happened to James from The Bachelorette?

James Taylor The singer-songwriter still releases music, including a song in support of President Donald Trump called “Great Again” in 2020, which got mixed reviewers from his followers. In June, he revealed he lost 3,000 fans for his political views.

Is Angela still with Brendan?

For now, the couple are happily living together in Toronto and are set to spend the holidays together, with Angela meeting his parents in Edmonton.

How did Pieper and Brendan meet?

How They Met. According to a source, Pieper and Brendan “have mutual friends” as “they hang out in the same Bachelor crowd.”

Who is James from the Bachelor?

James is best known for being the first male African-American lead for The Bachelor in season 25. James was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, the son of Manny and Patty James. Growing up, James was raised by his mother.

Who is James Bonsall on’the bachelorette’?

He’s quite literally been all around the world! Hello and welcome to Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, where there are vibrators, blow-up sex dolls, and men in mystery boxes galore! Not quite sure how to explain those first two, but we do know the identity of the mystery box man after the premiere—it’s James Bonsall.

Who was the first black lead on the bachelorette?

^ Although James was initially to be the second African American lead, the first was Rachel Lindsay in The Bachelorette season 13 before the sudden introduction of Tayshia Adams in The Bachelorette season 16, which would be filmed less than two months later. James became the third lead in the franchise’s history.

Who nominated James to be a contestant on the bachelorette?

Cameron’s mother nominated James to be a contestant on The Bachelorette before she died.