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What is a DEXA scan used for?

What is a DEXA scan used for?

Bone density scans, also known as DEXA scans, help to work out your risk of breaking a bone. They’re often used to help diagnose bone-related health problems, such as osteoporosis, or to assess the risk of getting them.

What is DEXA mammography?

Like mammography, a scan called a DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is a radiology procedure. However, its goal is not cancer screening but to determine the risk of a disease called osteoporosis, a decrease in bone mass and density leading to a predisposition to fractures.

Can a DEXA scan show a tumor?

While a DEXA scan isn’t typically used to diagnose cancer, it can provide your care team with important information to help them determine whether additional testing is needed. Using low levels of X-rays, the DEXA scan examines the entire skeleton or specific points on the body, such as the spine or hip.

When should a DEXA scan be done?

Women should get a bone scan at age 65. Men age 70 and up may want to talk with their doctors about the risks and benefits before deciding. Younger women, and men ages 50 to 69, should consider the test if they have risk factors for serious bone loss.

How long does DEXA scan take?

An X-ray detector inside the scanning arm measures the amount of X-rays that have passed through your body. This information will be used to produce an image of the scanned area. The scan usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. You’ll be able to go home after you have had it done.

What is a good Z-score on a DEXA scan?

A normal BMD Z-score ranges from -2.5 to 2.5 [3, 4]. A normal Z-score means that you have a similar BMD to other healthy people in your age group. A lower Z-score means your BMD is lower and a higher Z-score means it’s higher.

Will a DEXA scan show arthritis?

While a bone density test alone can’t determine whether you have arthritis, your doctor may order one if you have inflammatory types of joint disease, as these can be risk factors for bone loss.

What is the difference between a bone scan and a DEXA scan?

There are two main types of bone exams. A three-phase bone scan is a nuclear imaging test that shows how the bones process an injected agent. A DEXA bone scan is a type of X-ray that tests bone strength and density to diagnose osteoporosis.

What clothes to wear for DEXA scan?

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing, avoiding garments that have zippers, belts or buttons made of metal. Objects such as keys or wallets that would be in the area being scanned should be removed. You may need to remove some clothing and/or change into a gown for the exam.

Do you have to take your clothes off for a DEXA scan?

No special preparations are needed. You may be able to remain fully clothed, depending on the area of your body being scanned. But you’ll need to remove any clothes that have metal fasteners, such as zips, hooks or buckles. In some cases, you may need to wear a gown.