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Is a 440 A big block?

Is a 440 A big block?

We all know the 440 big-block is the largest displacement V-8 engine built by Chrysler, and when it comes to a combination of torque, power, and drivability, the 440 ranks as one of the best engines ever built.

Whats the difference between a 383 and a 440 engine?

The major difference between these two Mopar legends is the deck height of the block: 9.98-inch for the 383 and 10.725-inch for the 440.

How much horsepower does a 1970 Dodge 440 have?

Engine manufacturer: Chrysler RB-series V-8 440
Horsepower gross: 291 kW / 396 PS / 390 hp (SAE gross)
/ 4700
Torque gross: 664 Nm / 490 ft-lb
/ 3200

Did Dodge make a 440 HEMI?

Dodge also built just 16 with the 440 Six-Pack engine and only 14 Hemi Coronet R/T hardtops.

How much horsepower did the 383 have?

From 1968-1970, the 383 Magnum was rated at 335 hp, although Mopar fans who remember these free-revving engines would compare seat-of-the-pants pull to the 440. Sporting the same heads and cam as the 440, but with a smaller displacement, the 383 certainly could be wound tighter.

What kind of car is a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440?

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Six Pack was one of the baddest ponymuscle cars ever and could give the Hemi version a run for its money. See more muscle car pictures.

What kind of transmission does a 1970 Dodge Challenger have?

Of 19,938 Challenger R/Ts built for1970, just 356 were Hemis and 2035 were 440 Six Packs. The 440s and the Hemi came standard with TorqueFlite automatic. Ordering the four-speed brought a pistol-grip Hurst shifter and a Dana 60 axle.

Is a 1974 Dodge Challenger R/T a rare car?

After the 1974 model year, the Challenger was gone as well. However, despite all it had going against it in the 1970s, the Challenger R/T remains highly collectible today—especially the rare Hemi, 440 Six-Pack, and 440 Magnum examples, and the convertibles.

How much does a 1970 Dodge Challenger cost?

1970 Dodge Challenger. $139,500. 1970 Dodge Challenger If your looking for the classic styling of a true muscle car and the aggressive handling and performance of the hottest pro touring setup available for mopars along with the t…