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Is Essilor the same as Varilux?

Is Essilor the same as Varilux?

Varilux is a brand name belonging to Essilor International, a producer of corrective lenses. The first version of the lens was invented by Bernard Maitenaz and released in 1959, and was the first modern progressive lens to correct presbyopia.

How do you authenticate Essilor lenses?

How do I identify genuine Crizal Lenses? Crizal Lenses will have a unique Fog ID on the lenses. This can be identified by fogging the lens. Each of our Crizal products has differentiated FOG ID for your easy understanding.

Are Essilor lenses the best?

Essilor and Zeiss lenses are one of the world’s four major lenses, both are the best in the field of optical lenses, and both have made indelible contributions to the field of optics.

How can I tell if my Varilux lenses are real?

Varilux ® Lenses How do I know that I have genuine Varilux lenses? Varilux lenses are supplied from the manufacturing laboratory with a Varilux lenses Certificate of Authenticity (COA) card. If you do not receive a COA card with your Varilux lenses, please consult your eyecare professional.

What is the average cost of Varilux lenses?

Varilux Varilux X Series Trivex Progressive Lenses

Category: Lenses
Lens Index: 1.53
Lens Treatment: UV Protection , Scratch Guard
Lens Design: Extra Durable
Price Range: $200 – $300

Does Essilor make Varilux?

An Essilor Expert can help you discover the perfect Varilux lenses, tailored specifically to meet your vision needs. Find an Essilor Expert near you and Insist on Varilux for your next pair of lenses.

Why Essilor progressive lenses?

Essilor offers progressive lenses of quality and the whole experience of Varilux and Kodak in this area. Progressive lenses: seeing clearly near and far – Whether it was perfect at birth or not, our vision inevitably evolves around the age of 45. Fine print, dim lighting: we experience more difficulty seeing close up.

What is an Essilor expert?

Essilor Experts™ are independent eyecare professionals who are specially trained to explain the many benefits of lenses from Essilor. They are the first to know about the latest lenses, and about current promotions to make sure you get a great deal on your lenses.

What is the most advanced progressive lens?

OUR MOST ADVANCED PROGRESSIVE LENS. Varilux ® X Series™, featuring Xtend™ Technology, is our most advanced progressive lens available. In addition to providing sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance, it extends your vision within arm’s reach, so you no longer have to tilt or angle your head to find your focus.