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What industry has the highest CO2 emissions?

What industry has the highest CO2 emissions?

Transportation (27% of 2020 greenhouse gas emissions) – The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation primarily come from burning fossil fuel for our cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes.

Which companies emit the most CO2?

Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index (2021 Report, Based on 2019 Data)

Greenhouse 100 Rank Parent corporation or entity 2019 Emissions (CO2 equivalent metric tons)
1 Vistra Energy 106,510,086
2 Duke Energy 87,140,105
3 Southern Company 86,244,286
4 Berkshire Hathaway 74,960,726

What three industries are the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions?

Here we see that electricity and heat production are the largest contributor to global emissions. This is followed by transport, manufacturing and construction (largely cement and similar materials), and agriculture.

Which industries are the largest polluters?

Top 5 Polluting Industries

  1. Energy. It should not surprise any of us that the energy industry makes it to the top of this list.
  2. Transport. Transport contributes over 20% of carbon emissions.
  3. Agriculture. We rely mainly on agriculture for food.
  4. Fashion Industry.
  5. Food Retail.

Which country is the largest producer of CO2?

CO2 Emissions by Country

# Country Share of world
1 China 29.18%
2 United States 14.02%
3 India 7.09%
4 Russia 4.65%

What industries are most affected by climate change?

7 industries at greatest risk from climate change

  • Insurance. MachineHeadz | E+ | Getty Images.
  • Agriculture. Stuart McCall | Photographer’s Choice | Getty Images.
  • Energy. John B.
  • Beverage industry. Cavan Images | Iconica | Getty Images.
  • Commercial fishing. Jeff Rotman | Photolibrary | Getty Images.
  • Skiing.
  • Wineries.
  • Wall Street.

What industries are the biggest polluters?

Who is the biggest CO2 emitter?

  1. The United States. The U.S. is the largest emitter of CO2, with approximately 416,738 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020.
  2. China. China is the second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide gas in the world, with 235,527 metric tons in 2020.
  3. The Russian Federation.
  4. Germany.
  5. The United Kingdom.

What is the second most polluting industry?

the fashion industry
Globally, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector. Responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, every UK household, as a result of their clothing consumption, produces the equivalent emissions of driving a modern car for 6,000 miles.

What are the four industries that are affected by climate change?

A number of other sectors will be affected by climate change, including the livestock, forestry, and fisheries industries. Other sectors sensitive to climate change include the energy, insurance, tourism and recreation industries.

Who are the world’s top 10 greenhouse gas emitters?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Greenhouse Gas Emissions (in million metric tons, 2019 data):*

  • China — 9,877.
  • United States — 4,745.
  • India — 2,310.
  • Russia — 1,640.
  • Japan — 1,056.
  • Germany — 644.
  • South Korea — 586.
  • Iran — 583.

What are the top 5 most polluting industries?

Which industry is most impacted by climate change?

Public sector, consumer and life sciences/healthcare industries are the most worried about the business impacts of climate change, with over 80% of executives in these sectors expressing apprehension about the planet’s future.

What industries affect the environment the most?

The worst industries for the environment and pollution include Energy, Agriculture, Fashion, Transport, Food Retail, Construction, Technology, and Forestry. They account for most of the global pollution we see today and negatively impact the ecosystems they are exposed to.

Which of the 12 countries has the highest carbon emissions?

China leads the world in spending in each of those categories. Nevertheless, as the data shows, China has become the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide by far, growing emissions at a breakneck pace. While the U.S. leads the world in cutting carbon emissions.

Which industry is the largest polluter?

1. Fuel industry. One reason the fuel industry is causing so much harm is because we rely on energy and fuel for everyday tasks – from small things like charging our phones to big things like long-haul flights. We also need coal and oil to make products such as medicines and plastics.