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What is Colspan in HTML?

What is Colspan in HTML?

The colspan attribute defines the number of columns a table cell should span.

What is Colspan example?

The colspan attribute in HTML specifies the number of columns a cell should span. It allows the single table cell to span the width of more than one cell or column. It provides the same functionality as “merge cell” in a spreadsheet program like Excel.

What is cellspacing in HTML Mcq?


cellspacing Attribute. The HTML

cellspacing Attribute is used to specify the space between the cells. The cellspacing attribute is set in terms of pixels.

What is the default value of cellspacing in HTML?

The default value is 0 .

What is a Colspan in HTML?

Why Colspan is used?

The colspan attribute in HTML is used to set the number of columns a cell should span in a table. Use the colspan attribute on the



What is HTML colspan?

How to control cell padding and cell spacing in a table?

For controlling “cellpadding” in CSS, you can simply use padding on table cells. E.g. for 10px of “cellpadding”: For “cellspacing”, you can apply the border-spacing CSS property to your table. E.g. for 10px of “cellspacing”:

How to set the cellspacing of a table in HTML?

For setting the cellspacing, define the border-spacing property for the element. Style the , , , and elements and give color, background-color and text-align properties where needed.

What is the use of cell padding and cellspacing?

Cellpadding and Cellspacing are an effective way to present your html table in a beautiful format. With default table look, the representation of table might look congested and illegible.

What is cellspacing in MS Excel?

By default, table cells tend to be squeezed close to each other. To give your table cells a little more breathing room, use CELLSPACING. CELLSPACING controls the space between table cells.