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What song did Blues Traveler play on Roseanne?

What song did Blues Traveler play on Roseanne?

Once Dan comes off the stage, and he is with Roseanne at the bar and the camera starts to pull out of the shot, the song John Popper and the Blues Travelers start to play is entitled Run-Around, which was also written by John Popper.

Who is the bass player for Blues Traveler?

Bobby SheehanBlues Traveler / BassistRobert Vaughan “Bobby” Sheehan was an American musician and songwriter best known as a founding member and bassist of Blues Traveler. Wikipedia

Did Blues Traveler do the Roseanne theme song?

Last Night Roseanne returned to the airways and received the highest ratings for a comedy telecast on any network in nearly four years. Back in 1995 Blues Traveler made a guest appearance on the show, and in season 9 John Popper re-recorded the show’s theme song.

Who plays the sax on Roseanne theme song?

Gary Herbig, a great LA session musician played the theme from Roseanne . That is one great husky tenor tone, great bluesy playing.

Is Blues Traveler a ska?

The band have been described as blues rock, folk rock, alternative rock, and southern rock.

What happened John Popper?

In 1999, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack brought on by years of compulsive overeating. (He had been diagnosed with diabetes a few years earlier.) Doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center performed an emergency angioplasty which saved Popper’s life; he had 95% arterial blockage.

When did Blues Traveler Run Around come out?

1994Run-Around / Released

Who plays harmonica on the Roseanne theme song?

For seasons one through eight, the theme song was composed by Dan Foliart and Howard Pearl with Los Angeles-based musician John Juke Logan credited as the original harmonica player. In the ninth (and what was supposed to be final) season, that honor went to John Popper, frontman of the rock band Blues Traveler.

Who plays harmonica on the Conners theme song?

Howard Pearl (I) Howard Pearl is known for Roseanne (1988), The Conners (2018) and Carol & Company (1990).

What bass did Fran Sheehan use?

moog bass
Sheehan was perhaps the most experienced musician in the original lineup of Boston….

Fran Sheehan
Origin Swampscott, Massachusetts
Genres Rock
Occupation(s) Bassist, Arranger
Instruments Bass guitar, guitar, moog bass

Where is the band Talas from?

Talas was/is a band from Buffalo, New York. At one point, the band’s line-up was guitarist Dave Constantino, bassist Billy Sheehan, and drummer Paul Varga. All three did co-lead vocals. This line-up played on the band’s first two albums, which were studio albums.