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Is Font Awesome a plugin?

Is Font Awesome a plugin?

Our official plugin lets you use Font Awesome the way you want: Use Pro or Free icons. Leverage the latest release or a specific version of our icons. Choose the tech, either SVG or Web Font.

How do I add Font Awesome to WordPress?

Add Your Token to Your WordPress Plugin: Return to your WordPress site and open up the Font Awesome WordPress plugin settings. Select Use a Kit and paste your API token into the field. Save those changes. Select Your Kit in the Plugin: Pick a Kit from the list.

How do I add Font Awesome to WordPress without plugins?

How To Add Font Awesome On WordPress Without Plugins. To add icons manually, you can go to the Font Awesome icon library and select from available fonts you would like to add to your site one by one. Or enter your email address to get the embed code to add directly to your theme.

Should I use Font Awesome?

Designers love the use of icons as fonts because of the flexibility of styling available. Plus, using a font will also render icons as sharp as your device will allow, so there’s no need to worry about creating retina graphics since Font Awesome will give you high-quality iconography on every device.

Why is Font Awesome so popular?

Font Awesome is a robust icon set that contains scalable vector icons. And amazingly enough, it is free (icons sets can be quite expensive, making this a pretty sweet deal). There are many important types of icons that come with Font Awesome: social media, UI/web-related, and more!

Is Font Awesome slow?

1) Font Awesome is slow to load on both pages – taking over 600ms. 2) There are too many CSS files. Because there are multiple files and each one requires its own request to the server they really slows things down. 3) Images reduce speed on the home page, especially the large header image.

What plugins do I need to master?

5 Essential Mastering Plugins

  • Compressor. A compressor might be the most popular type of plugin for mastering.
  • Hard Limiter. A hard limiter is a compressor with a ratio of around 10:1 (meaning that every one decibel over the thresh hold is reduced by ten decibels).
  • De-Esser.
  • Reverb.
  • Equalizer.

How do I install Font Awesome?

PRO: Custom LESS

  1. Copy the font-awesome directory into your project.
  2. Open your project’s bootstrap/bootstrap.less and replace. @import “sprites.less”;
  3. Open your project’s font-awesome/variables.
  4. Re-compile your LESS if using a static compiler.
  5. Check out the examples to start using Font Awesome!