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Who did Scott Brown run against?

Who did Scott Brown run against?

In 2010, Brown faced Democratic candidate Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in a special election which occurred after the 2009 death of longtime Senator Ted Kennedy.

Who are the two NH senators?

Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic Party)New Hampshire / SenatorsCynthia Jeanne Shaheen is an American politician and retired educator serving as the senior United States senator from New Hampshire since 2009. Wikipedia

Who ran for Senate in NH 2020?

2020 United States Senate election in New Hampshire

Nominee Jeanne Shaheen Bryant Messner
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 450,778 326,229
Percentage 56.6% 41.0%

Who was the 18th senator of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s 18th State Senate district
Senator Donna Soucy D–Manchester
Registration 30.2% Democratic 29.8% Republican 40.0% No party preference
Demographics 78.7% White 3.7% Black 9.5% Hispanic 5.4% Asian
Population (2019) • Citizens of voting age 54,993 40,578

Who succeeded Ted Kennedy as senator?

Ted Kennedy
Preceded by Benjamin A. Smith II
Succeeded by Paul G. Kirk
Chair of the Senate Health Committee
In office January 3, 2007 – August 25, 2009 On leave: June 9, 2009 – August 25, 2009*

Who are the senators of New Hampshire 2021?

The state’s current senators are Democrats Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. Senator Shaheen is currently serving her third term (since 2009); Senator Hassan is currently serving her first term (since 2017). Jacob Harold Gallinger was New Hampshire’s longest-serving senator (1891–1918).

Who is the governor of NH?

Chris Sununu (Republican Party)New Hampshire / Governor

Can you carry a gun in a bar in NH?

Can You Carry a Gun in a Bar in New Hampshire? Yes, there is no statute prohibiting carrying firearms in restaurants or bars. However, private establishments may be posted with signs prohibiting firearms.

Was Maggie Hassan ever Governor of nh?

A Democrat, Hassan was elected to the Senate in 2016 while she was serving as the 81st governor of New Hampshire, an office she held from 2013 to 2017.

What is the governor of NH salary?

Governor of New Hampshire
Precursor Governor of Strawbery Banke 1630-1641 Governor of Dover 1631-1641 Governor of Massachusetts Bay 1641-1680
Formation January 21, 1680
Salary $113,834 (2013)
Website Official website