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Is blueschist low grade?

Is blueschist low grade?

Very Low- to Low-Grade Metamorphism of Mafic Rocks at Medium-High Pressure—Blueschist. At very low to low-temperature (250–500 °C) and medium-high pressure (> 8 kbar), mafic rocks are generally metamorphosed to form blueschist, which contains the blue Na-rich amphibole—glaucophane.

Why is blueschist so rare?

Blueschist is rare, since the conditions that produce it are rather odd. It’s also rarely very old, as it’s easily changed by further metamorphic events. So, if you get a chance to see this most beautiful rock in person, appreciate it for the treasure it is.

Why is blueschist metamorphism blue?

The blue color of the rock comes from the presence of the predominant minerals glaucophane and lawsonite.

Where is blueschist located?

Type-A: most of the Type-A blueschist belts lie in Europe and the Tethyan orogen, including these HP-UHP terranes in the Alps, Greece, and Himalaya (Fig. 3). The pressure of some Type-A UHP metamorphic terranes reaches up to 4.5 GPa, whereas the highest pressure of blueschists are up to 2.5 GPa.

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