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What is the factory combination for a SentrySafe?

What is the factory combination for a SentrySafe?

Enter the 5-digit factory code as given in the Sentry Safe owner’s manual. In this case, enter 11232.

Why is my SentrySafe not opening?

Disconnected and/or Damaged Wiring If the wiring looks good, carefully disconnect the wire from the keypad, open the battery cover, and remove the battery or batteries. Wait at least 20 seconds, reinstall the batteries or replace them, reconnect the wiring and see if you can operate the lock.

Why is my Sentry Safe blinking red?

The lock allows 5 seconds for each key press. If you pause longer, an error signal will occur (blinking red light and three beeps), indicating you should start over. There are three possible ways to unlock and access the safe—by entering its pre- set Factory Code, your own User Code or a Passcode.

Can you duplicate a Sentry safe key?

If you have lost your Sentry Safe key, a replacement key can be found here. We can custom cut other Sentry Safe ranges. If you do not see the key range you are looking for contact us.

How do I reset my sentry?

A steady orange light should emit for 10 seconds. Press the numeral “1” and then “#.” Enter your new master code followed by “#.” Press the new master code sequence again and press “#” again. The orange light should now disappear, and your new code is ready to be tested.

How long do safes lock you out for?

If you have been locked out of your safe due to several attempts that were unsuccessful, just wait it out. Read through your safe data and check how long the lockout code will release. Some safes will release after 20 minutes, while some will release after 30 minutes.

What happens when your safe battery dies?

Lock Lights Up, but Safe Won’t Open If your battery is not quite dead yet, the lights or display on your lock could still light up. After entering your combination code, you might still hear the expected beeps and clicks that happen as the safe’s bolt disengages.

How long do safe batteries last?

On average, a typical battery should last one year, but your battery’s lifespan can vary depending on how often you access your safe. We recommend changing batteries annually.