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What is the synonym of the word availability?

What is the synonym of the word availability?

(noun) in the sense of accessibility. Synonyms. accessibility. attainability. handiness.

What’s another way to say execute?

Some common synonyms of execute are accomplish, achieve, discharge, effect, fulfill, and perform.

What is a synonym for capacity?

What is another word for have a capacity for?

hold take
accommodate contain
comprise fit
seat include
store stow

What is another way to say not available?

unreachable, unattainable, absent, Non-existent, nonexistent, accessible, unusable, Inexistent, unserviceable, elusive, non-respendable, lacking.

Which of the following is an appropriate definition for availability?

Definition of availability 1 : the quality or state of being available trying to improve the availability of affordable housing. 2 : an available person or thing.

What is the synonym and antonym of execute?

ˈɛksəˌkjuːt) Put in effect. Antonyms. unmake literalize spiritualize disassemble dissuade break even lose. put through do accomplish fulfil follow out. execute (English)

How do you use execute in a sentence?

How to use Execute in a sentence. No matter what he felt, he couldn’t hesitate to execute his plan. I have a real mission to execute hunting down insurgents. Prince Andrew galloped off to execute the order.

Does not have capacity synonym?

incapability, incapacity, impotence, incompetence.

What is a synonym and antonym for capacity?

kəˈpæsəti, kəˈpæsɪti) Capability to perform or produce. Antonyms. incapableness incapability incapacity.

How do you say professionally unavailable?


  1. inaccessible,
  2. inapproachable,
  3. inconvenient,
  4. unapproachable,
  5. unattainable,
  6. unobtainable,
  7. unreachable,
  8. untouchable.

What is a stronger word for used?

In this page you can discover 81 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for used, like: utilized, applied, put in service, manipulated, adopted, depleted, spent, wonted, practiced, shopworn and occupied.

What’s another word for being used to something?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for used-to, like: accustomed to, familiar with, habituated to, comfortable with, in the habit of, wont to, acclimated and use.

How do you say availability in an email?

Tips for sharing meeting availability in an email Say how long the meeting should last (30 minutes, 1 hour, etc…) Select 3-5 times when you’re available across 1-3 different days as well as parts of the day (morning, afternoon) if possible. Alternately, you can list a block of time, such as 1 pm-3 pm.

How do you describe an execution?

Definition of execution

  1. 1 : the act or process of executing : performance.
  2. 2 : a putting to death especially as a legal penalty.
  3. 3 : the process of enforcing a legal judgment (as against a debtor) also : a judicial writ directing such enforcement.
  4. 4 : the act or mode or result of performance.

What does it mean if something is executed?

1 : to carry out fully : put completely into effect execute a command. 2 : to do what is provided or required by execute a decree. 3 : to put to death especially in compliance with a legal sentence. 4 : to make or produce (something, such as a work of art) especially by carrying out a design.