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What schools are in local district west Lausd?

What schools are in local district west Lausd?

Local District West Community of Schools

  • Fairfax Community of Schools. Tap again to continue.
  • H.E.E.T Community of Schools.
  • Hamilton Community of Schools.
  • Hollywood Community of Schools.
  • LA Mid-City Community of Schools.
  • LD West Early Education Center.
  • South Mid-City Community of Schools.
  • Venice Community of Schools.

How many high schools are in Lausd?

184 high schools
Los Angeles Unified School District contains 184 high schools.

What school district is 90034?

Culver City Unified School District.

How many schools are there in Lausd?

About the Los Angeles Unified School District Second largest in the nation, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) serves over 600,000 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade at over 1,000 schools.

How many teachers does Lausd have?

25,088 teachers
During the 2020–2021 school year, LAUSD served 664,774 students, including 124,400 students at independent charter schools and 50,805 adult students. During the same school year, it had 25,088 teachers and 50,586 other employees. It is the second largest employer in Los Angeles County, after the county government.

What is the best school district in Los Angeles?

La Canada Unified School District #1 Best School Districts in Los Angeles Area.

How many districts are in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles County is divided into 5 supervisorial districts (SDs), with each Supervisor representing a district of approximately 2 million people.

What school district is Culver City?

Culver City Unified
Culver City Unified

County Los Angeles
District Culver City Unified List of active district’s schools
CDS Code 19 64444 0000000
District Address 4034 Irving Pl. Culver City, CA 90232-2810 Google Map Link opens new browser tab
Mailing Address 4034 Irving Pl. Culver City, CA 90232-2810

What percent of LAUSD is black?

Sign up for the Morning Brief, delivered weekdays. A study examining LAUSD schools found that about 20% of students and educators are Black and 93% of Black students have at least one Black educator at their schools.

What is the biggest school district in California?

Los Angeles Unified
Largest Districts

Rank District Enrollment
1 Los Angeles Unified 596,937
2 San Diego Unified 122,916
3 Fresno Unified 73,381
4 Long Beach Unified 72,002

What district is West LA?

California’s 37th District
California’s 37th District encompasses many neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles, including South Los Angeles, Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Miracle Mile, Pico-Robertson, Century City, Cheviot Hills, West Los Angeles, and Mar Vista.