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Which chaos head ending is canon?

Which chaos head ending is canon?

At the end of the game, Takumi Nishijou permanently loses his powers and reality goes back to normal. This game actually is canon in the Science Adventure Series universe, canonically the 2nd game chronologically after ChäoS;HEAd NoAH’s True End, and then the 3rd game chronologically is Steins;Gate.

What happens in chaos head?

It is set in Shibuya, Tokyo, and follows Takumi Nishijo, a high school student who develops paranoia and delusions after having witnessed one of a series of murders. He meets several girls who have an interest in him, and who he suspects might have a connection to the murders.

How does chaos child end?

Esoteric Happy Ending: While the True ending is supposed to be happy because Chaos Child Syndrome is cured and the girls can live happy lives, Takuru ends up sacrificing himself to do so, Taking the Heat for all the murders, so Takuru, despite perhaps being the most sympathetic character, gets the absolute worst ending …

Is Chaos head and chaos child the same?

Chaos;Child (stylized as ChäoS;Child) is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. It is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure series, and a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head (2008).

How many endings are in chaos child?

This route has 4 bad endings. The first is reached by choosing the negative delusion in the delusion trigger you are shown right before the chapter’s title card. The second is reached by selecting the negative delusion while at the café.

Does chaos child have choices?

Throughout the game, a sound cue will be played like in Chaos;Head, where the player can choose to pick either a positive or negative delusion.

Is Chaos head a romance?

Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu! is a romantic comedy visual novel video game developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus.

Is Steins Gate 0 A prequel?

Steins;Gate 0 is a sequel to the original Steins Gate.

Is Chaos Head Love Chu Chu canon?

Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu!! is a direct sequel to Chaos;Child’s ending and is considered canon in the series.

What is Chaos Head?

5pb. Chaos;Head (カオスヘッド) is a visual novel video game developed by Nitroplus and 5pb.. It was originally described as a “Delusional Science Novel” and was released for Windows PCs in 2008 April 25.

Who is the director of Chaos Head anime?

Chaos;Head is an adaptation of the video game of the same name, which was developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus. The series was directed by Takaaki Ishiyama at the animation studio Madhouse, with character design by Shuichi Shimamura and script supervision by Toshiki Inoue.

What is the theme song for Chaos Head?

Takeshi Abo, the composer for the Chaos;Head video game, was credited for the anime’s soundtrack, but did not have a large role in the anime’s production. The opening theme is “F.D.D.” by Kanako Itō and the ending theme is “Super Special” by Seira Kagami.

Is Chaos Child a sequel to Chaos Head?

Okay, Chaos;Child is getting a worldwide release. Which is great! More games are always awesome. But, there is an issue with this title. The problem is, while it happens to be part of the Science Adventure series, it is a sequel to Chaos;Head, a game never released outside of Japan.