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Who wrote the song head over heels?

Who wrote the song head over heels?

Curt SmithRoland Orzabal
Head Over Heels/Composers

What movie is head over heels song in?

An edited version of “Head over Heels” is featured in the 2001 film Donnie Darko. According to director Richard Kelly on the DVD commentary, the scene in which the song was used was written and choreographed specifically with the song in mind.

Who is the girl in Tears For Fears head over heels?

model Joan Densmore
British director Nigel Dick shot the song’s original video in May 1985 at Emmanuel College Library with Tears For Fears singers Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith and a cast of characters that included Canadian model Joan Densmore as a bespectacled librarian.

Who is the librarian in the Tears For Fears video head over heels?

Joan Densmore
Joan Densmore, who plays the librarian, just smiles once in the video (at 2:18), when she grabs Roland Orzabal’s nose after he shots her with a gun joke.

Why is it called head over heels?

The expression comes from the earlier heels over head, which was used to refer to someone being literally upside down. Head over heels gained its figurative meaning in the 1800s. Head over heels is used to refer to someone who is completely enamored with another person.

Is head over heels a metaphor?

An idiom that is used to describe great strength of feeling, rather than the start of that feeling is head over heels. If you describe yourself as head over heels (in love) with someone, you mean you are completely in love, with very strong feelings: The actor is reportedly head over heels in love with his co-star.

Where did head over heels come from?

Where does head over heels come from? The first records of head over heels come from around 1710. The expression comes from the earlier heels over head, which was used to refer to someone being literally upside down. Head over heels gained its figurative meaning in the 1800s.

Was head over heels in Stranger things?

head over heels – tears for fears | argyle edit – stranger things season 4 – YouTube.

Is Head over Heels a metaphor?

Head over heels is also commonly used in metaphors or wordplay that is describing someone as being captivated by or fixated on something or someone.

Why is it called Head over Heels?

The phrase originated in the 14th century as ‘heels over head’, meaning doing a cartwheel or somersault. This appeared later in Thomas Carlyle’s History of Frederick the Great, 1864: “A total circumgyration, summerset, or tumble heels-over-head in the Political relations of Europe.”

What is another idiom for head over heels?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for head-over-heels, like: a corps perdu, precipitately, completely, topsy-turvy, entirely, heels over head, far-gone, unreservedly, topsy-turvily, intensely and in great confusion.

What can I say instead of head over heels?


  • captivated.
  • enamored.
  • enchanted.
  • enraptured.
  • ensorcelled.
  • entranced.
  • fallen for.
  • fascinated.

What’s another way to say head over heels?

What does it mean to be head over heels?

Definition of head over heels 1a : in or as if in a somersault : helter-skelter. b : upside down. 2 : very much : deeply head over heels in love.

When did Tears for Fears’ Head Over Heels come out?

” Head over Heels ” is a song recorded by British band Tears for Fears for their second studio album Songs from the Big Chair (1985). The song was released in 1985 by Phonogram Records, as the album’s fourth single.

What happened to Simple Minds?

They found Simple Minds constantly pushing in new directions, finding new sounds and alien rhythms, able to craft songs that were beautiful and haunting and off-kilter all at once. After Once Upon A Time — Simple Minds’ big 1985 pop album that arrived eight months after The Breakfast Club — the band indeed began to go downhill.

Why were simple minds so reluctant to record a song?

That is, perhaps, why Simple Minds were so reluctant to record it. As the story goes, the band took a lot of convincing to record a song written by other people, for a movie soundtrack, and then were reportedly somewhat nonchalant and/or disinterested when they actually did get around to committing.