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Is there a 10 string bass?

Is there a 10 string bass?

The Hamer 10-string bass was built in 1977. It is considered to be the prototype for the Hamer 12-string bass as it proved to Hamer that tripled strings could be incorporated into a bass guitar. Tom Petersson on stage with the Hamer Prototype 10-string bass.

How many strings should a bass guitar have?

4 strings
If you’re playing a standard bass guitar, you will notice that your bass has only 4 strings. The standard tuning for a 4 string bass is E, A, D, G (the same as the four lowest strings on the guitar but one octave lower).

When did 5 string basses become popular?

The popularity of 5- and 6-string basses exploded in the 80’s. A couple of things caused this to happen. First, bassists in the 80’s were competing with electronic keyboards. Many bassists were being replaced by computers and keyboards because they could play lower bass notes than a standard 4-string bass.

What is the point of a 9 string guitar?

A nine-string guitar is a guitar with nine strings instead of the commonly used six strings. Such guitars are not as common as the six-string variety, but are used by guitarists to modify the sound or expand the range of their instrument.

How to choose the best strings for your bass guitar?

Winding. The type of winding is probably the most important string decision you can make because it will have the most impact on the sound of the bass you play

  • Wrap Material.
  • String Gauge.
  • Core Shape.
  • What are the best bass strings for beginners?

    The 4th string produces the E note

  • The 3rd string produces the A note
  • The 2nd string produces the D note
  • The 1st string produces the G note
  • What is the best cheap bass guitar?

    An affordable take on a modern classic. The SUB,or “Sports Utility Bass,” Ray4 is the sort of instrument that makes you do a double take when you see the

  • Exotic wood veneer,great feel,fresh price.
  • Compact powerhouse with active pickups and modern P-Bass vibe.
  • Siri,find me an old-school thunder merchant for under 300 bucks.
  • What is the best sounding bass guitar?

    A pocket-friendly StingRay with impressive tones. Weight: 4.2kg The SUB RAY5 is an impressive instrument from top to bottom,with the build quality you associate with Music Man instruments and

  • Short-scale basses have never been more enticing.
  • One of the best bass guitars for those on a budget.