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What are major penalties in floor hockey?

What are major penalties in floor hockey?

Major penalty fouls include: a. Tripping – intentional tripping with the stick or any body part. b. Elbowing – use of elbow to impede an opponent.

What are the four positions in floor hockey?

Positions for each team include one goalie, one center, two forwards, and two defensemen. The game is started by a face-off between each team’s center. During the face-off each team must align on their half of the court.

How many times do opponents tap sticks together during a face off?

* A face – off is two opposing players face each other with their sticks on the floor. The puck can be dropped between them or they need to tap the floor, then the opponents stick three times each.

How long is a floor hockey game?

GAME TIME: Each game will consist of three (3) periods of ten (10) minutes each. Clock will stop for injuries only until the final two (2) minutes of the third period, at which time it will stop on every whistle.

How long can a goalie hold the puck?

for three seconds
The goalkeeper is allowed to hold the puck for three seconds before being assessed a penalty . In this situation no penalty would be assessed to the goalkeeper since possession and control will occur before three seconds have elapsed.

Can you kick the ball in floor hockey?

It is illegal to kick or throw the ball. Players may stop the ball with their feet, but may not use feet to guide the ball to a teammate. If a violation occurs, play shall be stopped and an indirect shot from the spot of the infraction.

Who is the only player allowed in the crease?

the goalie
Only the goalie is allowed inside the goal crease. The only exception when another player is allowed in the goal area is when they take off from outside the goal area, and shoots or passes the ball before landing. To avoid interference with other players, the player must then exit the goal area as soon as possible.

Can you hit a goalie out of the crease?

The goalie in hockey is not allowed to be hit by a player. There is no instance where the goalie is ‘fair game’ and allowed to be checked like a regular skater, even if the goaltender is handling the puck outside of the crease area.

What is CSSC floor hockey?

All players participating in CSSC leagues are expected to play with respect for everyone at the gym and with a “fun first” attitude. Floor Hockey can be an intense and physical sport however, all CSSC leagues must remain a fun, non-threatening environment.

What are the rules and regulations of floor hockey?

Plastic Floor Hockey Balls will be used. CO-ED RULES INCLUDE: NO CHECKING, HIGH STICKING ROUGHING ETC. Sudden Death overtime/Shootout will be used in the playoffs Players per side: 3 men and 2 women (3 men max.)

What is CSSC’s schedule policy?

CSSC also reserves the right to schedule games on days or at locations other than your regularly scheduled league day/night if necessary. Each team will receive a pre-bundled set of colored jerseys with various sizes at the first night of the league. Additional shirts and sizes can be purchased from the CSSC for an additional charge.

What is the CSSC stats league?

CSSC’s only stats league! Teams play 3 on 3, with a minimum of one female on the court at all times. Benefits include a smaller roster size, more scoring opportunities, and the tracking of player and goalie stats. All games will be played at citywide gymnasiums.