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What was Jeff Buckleys Telecaster?

What was Jeff Buckleys Telecaster?

Buckley went on tour, and along with him went his three favourite electric guitars: a 1983 Telecaster, a Les Paul Custom Black Beauty from 1976, and a 12-string Rickenbacker for Last Goodbye, all plugged into a Twin combined with a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb.

What gauge strings did Jeff Buckley use?

Buckley bought this 12 string Rickenbacker 360 with the money from his first advance after getting signed with Sony. This 12-string was mainly kept in Open G tuning, and live he would use it on the songs ‘Last Goodbye’ and ‘Vancouver’.

What kind of amp did Jeff Buckley use?

Alesis QuadraVerb However, his website states that throughout his career, Buckley used a Digitech Whammy II, BOSS Hyper Fuzz, TC Electronics Stereo Chorus, and a Boss Chromatic Tuner Pedal, as well as a Morley A/B Switch Box to swap between his two amps onstage.

Who owns Jeff Buckley’s Telecaster?

star Matt Bellamy
Muse star Matt Bellamy has revealed his recent purchase of Jeff Buckley’s iconic ’83 Fender Telecaster – the very same instrument used on the late artist’s celebrated studio album, Grace.

Who bought Jeff Buckleys guitar?

frontman Matt Bellamy
Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has acquired the yellow telecaster Jeff Buckley the singer-songwriter used throughout his 1994 LP Grace, and he’s using it to record new music. First up is a new rendition of Muse’s 2009 song “Guiding Light,” which will appear on his upcoming solo EP Cryosleep.

How much did Jeff Buckley’s guitar sell for?

In the description for the NFT auction, Bellamy stated that Buckley’s guitar “elicits a sound the likes of which he’s never heard before.” Eventually, the item went for 13.964 Ethereum, which equates to $27,604.45 in the exchange rate.

What guitar picks did Jeff Buckley use?

Dunlop Tortex Standard . Although Jeff often played just with his fingers, when he needed a pick, it seems that the yellow . 73mm Dunlop Tortex Standard picks were his main choice.

Where is Jeff Buckley’s Telecaster?

Ever since Buckley died, the guitar has only been used live once by Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy, when he covered “Hallelujah” at their concert in L’Olympia in Paris, in 2019. The guitar was lent to him by Lucas.

What pickups did Jeff Buckley use?

Fender ’83 “Jeff Buckley” Telecaster

Bridge Fixed
Electronics One volume, one tone, three-way pickup selector
Pickup(s) Neck: Standard Telecaster single-coil Bridge: Stacked Telecaster single-coil
Special circuits None

What happened to Jeff Buckley’s guitar?

The guitar returned to Nichols following Buckley’s tragic death in 1997, before she sold it to New York guitar store Chelsea Guitars, where owner Dan Courteney estimated the guitar’s value as $50,000 in 2011.

Who owns Jeff Buckley’s guitar?

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed that he’s bought a guitar owned by Jeff Buckley and that he plans to use it on Muse’s next album. In an upcoming interview with Guitar World, Bellamy revealed that he bought the 1983 blonde USA Fender Telecaster which Buckley used to record his acclaimed album, ‘Grace’.

What kind of guitar does Jeff Buckley play?

Short Summary of Jeff Buckley’s Equipment. Most of us associate Jeff with a blonde Fender Telecaster, a guitar that he used for the majority of live performances and studio work. The guitar was a 1983 Toploader model, meaning that the strings didn’t go through the body like on most of the Telecasters.

What kind of pickup does a Telecaster use?

The guitar was a 1983 Toploader model, meaning that the strings didn’t go through the body like on most of the Telecasters. It was modified with a custom mirror pickguard, and with what was most likely a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup, fitted in the bridge position.

What amp did Jeff Lynne use on the Late Show?

Jeff was seen using the amp alongside a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-o-verb combo during the BBC Late Show gig, filmed in London, on January 17, 1995. Him using this amp seemed to have been a rare occurrence because Jeff usually stuck with his Fender Vibroverb ’63 Reissue (Brownface).